Sunday, February 5, 2017

5 Polish inventions that revolutionized the world and you didn’t notice it

Poland – It is possible that you have a hairstyle invented by Polish, you take supplements made by the researcher from Poland. If you think that it will be another article about the great discovery by Maria Curie, who we owe RAD and POLON, you are wrong. Today we present something that will thrill and surprise you. The list of five remarkable ideas by Polish that transformed the world forever.
Now that we have you all ready for our little lesson about how great Poland is, let us go ahead! Stay a while and read on about most amazing Polish inventions you probably used or seen but had no clue they are Polish:
The computer Commodore 64
It was invented by Jacek Trzmiel, also known as Jack Tramiel. The story of the man who construed Commodore 64, a father of our laptops and other devices, is remarkable. He was born in 1928, and when he was only ten years old, his life became a nightmare. He lived in Litzmannstadt Ghetto in the city of Łódź, and after years of life in fear, he had been taken to the concentration camp in Auschwitz in 1944. Fortunately, a year later the war became the past, and the genius scientist survived. Two years later he emigrated to the USA, where he created the first calculator and then the computer known as Commodore. Tamiel opened the successful company Commodore International. For many decades his achievement was an inspiration to giants like Apple, IBM or Microsoft. They company sold over 17 millions of the model Commodore 64, which is the best-sold computer in history.
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