Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ukraine’s (((Oligarchs))) Strip the Cupboard Bare

Ukraine and its people have a severe Jewish oligarch problem. This was manifested on Dec. 19 when Ukrainians woke up to learn the country’s largest bank, PrivatBank, had just been nationalized after its two (((owners))) used depositors’ money to build a business empire and distributed the money among Jewish organisations in Europe. Coverage on this is non-existent in the West.
PrivatBank used to be Ukraine’s largest bank with 20% of the banking sector and $53 billion in assets. Now, the National Bank of Ukraine indicates it has a capital shortage of around $5.65 billion. The abuse and criminality involved is mind boggling
The “bad loans” share in PrivatBank’s portfolio was assessed at 97% by the “regulator” and at 80% by market participants. Some 97% of PrivateBank corporate loans had gone to companies linked to its two owners and principal shareholders, Gennady Bogolubov and Igor Kolomoisky. Loans to ordinary citizens and small companies was almost non-existent.
Surprisingly, the bank’s main stakeholder, (((Ihor Kolomoyskyi))), the second richest person in Ukraine, did not raise any objections to the government’s move. Kolomomoyski was once the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast but had left the country. Kolomoysky is well known for his dealings. The French corporation Swissport accused Kolomoysky of illegal confiscation of its majority stake in its Ukraine subsidiary. Also, Crimea authorities accused Kolomoyskyi of plundering the deposits of 200,000 Crimeans.
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