Sunday, January 8, 2017

Israel is a Cautionary Tale, Not a Model

Whether it’s private clubs, elite universities, or negro jazz, Jews have a way of glomming onto emergent scenes and elbowing their way into the middle of things. They can’t help themselves. And for all of the perfectly valid concern that Jews are infiltrating the altright to neutralize a credible threat, some of the recent attraction is surely due to the energy, intelligence, and fun that we’ve brought to politics in the past few years.
David Cole is in many ways a sort of godfather of the altright Jews, having infiltrated the Holocaust revisionist scene for fun and profit decades ago. He more or less dropped out for a period, only to return now that the antisemitism and radical right politics he’s fascinated with are en vogue. His latest at TakiMag, “The AltRight Gets a Wedgie,” is a reminder of why they should always be regarded as more trouble than they’re worth, even if they’re as learned, witty, and prolific as David Cole.
Unsurprisingly, Mr. Cole would like to educate us about why we should support Israel, and why we’re basically assholes for not looking to Zionism as an exemplary model for us to emulate.
As a disclaimer, I’m not speaking ex cathedra from any organization I’m associated with on this matter. We accept a full spectrum of opinions on the best diplomatic approach to the nation of Israel. Opinions range from dropping a nuclear warhead on it to dropping a neutron bomb on it instead, with some on the margins even believing we shouldn’t drop any radioactive weaponry on them at all. We’re a big tent like that.
People in those circles continue to be amazed that I’m a supporter of Israel. I, on the other hand, continue to be amused at the level of anti-Israel sentiment that exists among self-described white nationalists and alt-rightists. I don’t quite get it. Israel is the closest thing to “the West” in that fetid sandlot known as the Middle East, and Israelis do exactly the types of things that white nationalists and alt-rightists want to do themselves (build walls to halt immigration, unapologetically racially profile in the name of safety, unashamedly fight to preserve an ethno-state, etc.). Yet rather than admiration from the “white right,” Israel gets hostility.
First, a big part of the hostility lies in the simple hypocrisy of Israelis and Israeli-Americans (Jews) who demand ethnic “nationalism” for themselves and open borders for Whites. Why should White Nationalists smile and clap for Israel like grimacing cuckolds when the Israeli nation is the single most powerful and organized force standing against our own self-determination? Cole’s argument would be merely incorrect, rather than outright offensive, if there were some evidence of Jews sincerely supporting White Nationalists or White Nationalism.
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