Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Forbes: Jewish Media Reaction to Duke Support Backfires & is Pivotal to Trump Win!

On the first day of the Democrat Convention, a 150 foot wide,  40-year old-image of me loomed over the huge even. It became one of Getty Images most important pictures of 2016,
The media now admits, with lamentation, that I played a large role in the in Trump victory by my endorsement of him and the media’s reaction to it.
Forbes magazine says that David Duke’s endorsement of Trump, Trumps reluctance to denounce Duke and the media’s condemnation of Trump for his not denouncing Duke were pivotal in his winning the Presidency. It argued that it had been a powerful psychological signal to White Americans that Trump was the candidate who was actually concerned about them. Here’s the Forbes designation of the first major political event of 2016 that the writer shows  was one of the most important events that played a role in Trump’s victory:
1. Trump avoids condemning David Duke and the KKK. (Feb. 28) When former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke praised Donald Trump for letting “White Americans … preserve and promote their heritage,”
 For months, Trump had subtly courted racists and white nationalists. By hounding Trump with the same question over and over, Tapper made Trump’s courtship of these voters far more overt.

Read More: http://davidduke.com/forbes-jewish-media-reaction-to-duke-support-backfires-is-pivotal-to-trump-win/

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