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John Boorman's spectacular Arthurian epic Excalibur is one of those films everyone ought to have seen. It is one of those rarest of gems: a film that ennobles the spirit just by dint of having watched it. It is a Gesamtkunstwerk of the highest order that lifts one onto a higher plane, so that when one leaves the cinema, one has the barely controllable urge to do great deeds. And it is a film for the Right - not necessarily for the Alternative Right, but for the True Right, for the Right without compromise, for the Right that is elitist, for the Right that strives for the highest, for the Right that lies beyond the tainted, half-hearted measures of Fascism and National Socialism, yet which eschews despotism and embraces paternalism. 

There have been many reinterpretations of the legend in just about every medium possible. Famous filmic versions include Knights of the Round Table (1953),Camelot (1967), First Knight (1995) and King Arthur (2004), and there is an upcoming treatment of the legend called King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, a typical Guy Ritchie affair, where Sir Bedevere is played by a Negro. And these people have the audacity to talk about cultural appropriation! Next they will be trying to claim the pyramids..... Oh wait..... And I thought after the disaster that was Antoine Fuqua's King Arthur, it could not get any worse. It always does though.

The major difference between those latter two works and Excalibur is in style and interpretation. The latter two present a veritisimitable version lifted from Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae, while Excalibur's source material is Thomas Malory's Le Mort d'Arthur with support from Alfred Lord Tennyson'sIdylls of the King.

The reason for this is the films by Fuqua and Ritchie are typical examples of Leftist propaganda, both tools for promoting the immigrant invasion, just as Monmouth'sHistoria was a tool to legitimate the Norman-Breton invasion. Boorman, like Malory and especially Tennyson, concentrates more on the mythic, and is therefore, in accordance with Julius Evola's assertions, Rightist. It also borrows themes from Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle, which in turn was inspired by the mythic texts Der Nibelungenlied and Volsungasaga. The use of Wagner's music is extremely apt, for Excalibur is a modern Gesamtkunswerk of the highest order.

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Here we go again. 19 people are dead and 50 wounded in a suspected jihad-martyrdom suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, a target that the jihad murderers apparently chose because of its concentration of pre-teens and tweens, so as to maximize the potential to “strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60). But don’t be unduly concerned: Britain’s criminally feckless Prime Minister Theresa May is on the job, saying in a statement: “We are working to establish the full details of what is being treated by the police as an appalling terrorist attack. All our thoughts are with the victims and the families of those who have been affected.”
As canned responses go, that one is particularly packaged, processed, and colorless. How grand that she is thinking about the victims and their families. And the police are on the job! Marvelous! Britons can go back to sleep, knowing that selfless public servants such as May are working tirelessly to protect them. 
But there was one key element that May left out of her statement: an apology. 
One of the things she should apologize for is the routine aspect of her response to this latest jihad massacre. There was nothing she said about this jihad attack that could not have been said about ten jihad massacres before it, and will not be said about the next ten. The Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said after the jihad bombings in New York City in September 2016 that such attacks were “part and parcel of living in a big city” and that people would just have “to be prepared for these sorts of things” to happen, and May is behaving as if she has thoroughly internalized these instructions.
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Maxine Waters Reveals Proof Trump is Russian Agent ��

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China ‘dismantled entire CIA operation’; killed, jailed ‘score of CIA spies’ by ALEXANDER MERCOURIS

Image result for China ‘dismantled entire CIA operation’; killed, jailed ‘score of CIA spies’

New York Times report confirms that between 2010 and 2012 China dismantled the entire CIA spying operation in China, jailing and executing a score of spies.

report in the New York Times sourced to 10 ‘current and former officials’ says that between 2010 and 2012 China dismantled the entire CIA operation in China, rounding up, executing and jailing up to 20 spies working for the CIA.
It seems that in one case the Chinese executed one of the captured spies in the courtyard of a government building in front of his colleagues of whatever institution he was working for in order to impress on them the risks of spying for the CIA.
It seems this was the biggest single defeat the CIA has suffered since the end of the Cold War, and to this day officials remain divided as to its cause, with some blaming a mole (their suspicions apparently centre on one individual who is now said to be living in an Asian country) whilst others blamed sloppy handling by the spies’ handlers in Beijing.   Regardless it seems that the whole episode continues to cause recrimination within the US intelligence community to this day.
Setting aside the question of how China detected and broke this spy ring, there are a number of points to take from this episode.
The first is that though the New York Times article claims that by 2013 China had supposedly lost its ability to detect US spies working in China, the defeat seems so devastating that it is most unlikely that the CIA spying operation in China has fully recovered to the level of before 2010.
The second is that though the Chinese acted decisively and ruthlessly to smash the CIA spy ring, they also acted discreetly.  Contrast the little we know about this affair – and the total silence China has maintained about it  – with the huge fuss the US made about the so-called ‘Russian illegals‘ , who were rounded up by the FBI at roughly the same time in 2010.
Contrary to some claims, the ‘illegals’ were not spies but sleeper agents Russian intelligence tried to embed in the US to support future spying operations there.  Since none of them was actually a spy the charges brought against them were relatively minor, and all of them were quickly deported to Russia, where they were exchanged for actual US spies Russia had arrested and was holding in prison.  Despite the fact that none of the ‘illegals’ were spies, the affair dominated the news for several days with one of the individuals arrested – Anna Chapman, who was an intelligence courier not an ‘illegal’ – becoming an overnight media star.

American Renaissance vs. the Far Left by Chris Roberts

One of the most bizarrely enduring political myths is that there is some kind of shady link between high finance, big business, and white advocates. Leftists seem to believe that the corporate board of Walmart is full of race realists, that the Koch brothers have a vendetta against black people, that Goldman-Sachs funnels money to militias, etc.
It is all a fantasy, of course. With vanishingly few exceptions, the wealthiest people and organizations in the world support more immigration, affirmative-action and integration, and oppose any kind of white identity. This is public information. You can look up how many Fortune 500 companies donate to the NAACP, La Raza—and to the foundation behind AmRen, the New Century Foundation (zero, of course). You can also just as easily find out which companies filed amicus briefs in favor of affirmative action and against President Trump’s attempted travel bans.
No matter what Noam Chomsky or Louise Mensch think, AmRen does not receive any money from Russians, Wall Street, or a secretly sympathetic FBI. Our money comes from white people who believe in us. Big money opposes us at every turn.
There are far-left political websites that are also entirely reader supported, such as The Baffler, Jacobin, Current Affairs, Dissent, n+1, In These Times, and New Inquiry. Ferociously pro-Bernie sites, always brimming with sardonic cultural criticism, do not get checks from the “one percent.” This really does set them apart from mainstream leftist media. The largest investor in the New York Times, for example, is Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, one of the richest people on Earth. Vox is funded largely by media companies and venture capital groups.
Naturally, The Baffler et al. claim that their lack of support from “Davos Men” makes them more authentic, courageous, and truly left-wing. But for all their “anti-system” posturing, they get a great deal of mainstream coverage and respect, if not money.
For example, their print publications are carried in elite liberal arts college libraries and plenty of public universities. Indeed, n+1 is so popular in universities that they brag about it on their webpage, where they offer institutional subscriptions for $150.00 a year. The strong ties most of these magazines have with universities isn’t surprising, since so many of their contributors are academics. Byline after byline at each of these sites shows a university connection.
These magazines are also carried in bookstores. Their articles rail against capitalism, retail chains, and big box stores, but step into any Barnes & Noble and you’ll find Jacobin, The Baffler, and n+1 every time, and all the others most of the time.
Read More: https://www.amren.com/news/2017/05/american-renaissance-versus-far-left/

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Curing the Campus PC Pox by ROBERT WEISSBERG

Today’s college campuses are hotbeds of anti-intellectual insanity—a world of micro- aggressions, trigger warnings, safe spaces, speech codes, cultural appropriations and mandatory sensitivity training where the slightest impolite utterance, regardless of intent or heartfelt apologies can result in harsh punishment. Can this be reversed? The answer is “yes” but this will require a devious pathway that begins by seemingly encouraging the opposite—yet more PC to, eventually, kill the beast. Let me explain.
Analyzing the PC distemper invariably focuses on a reign of terror by snowflakes, cupcakes and social justice warriors seeking to punish anything (“hate”) that might possibly offend anybody but particularly members of certain privileged categories.
Not true though it is absolutely correct insofar as these misguided airheads are the ones doing the actual damage.
What really drives this insanity is the absence of clear-cut rules regarding the PC-cosmology. Anarchy, not malevolence is the core of the problem, since nobody in advance knows that is hateful, let alone its punishment. Today’s campus PC disaster is the classic illustration of life without the rule of law. How can a Goodthinkprofessor escape the little Torquemadas if he has no idea of what they consider “offensive”? Life thus abounds with ever-changing wooly-headed rules, many invented on the spot with Kafkaesque variations. We obviously need a clear PC code that defines offensiveness and stipulates its punishment.
The solution requires each campus to create an assembly of students, administrators, professors and activists to formulate a “PC Code.” Now, unlike the American Constitutional Convention dominated by White Protestant Males (including 25 who owned enslaved persons), this Assembly of Social Justice Warriors (ASJW) will be a truly representative law-making body. The school will also pay students members generously and benefits will include free meals, trips and conferences. We cannot foresee its exact composition and final size (at least 500, hopefully), but it will certainly include representatives from multiple communities of color, the LGBTQIA community and practitioners of other erotic predilections such as S & M as well as those previously marginalized, stigmatized and voiceless, those associated with indigenous peoples (particularly if negatively impacted by climate change), and where feasible, delegates from the currently incarcerated community.
Then there are the Assembly’s procedural rules, for example, can a single delegate, thanks to intersectionality, represent more than one perspective. Might a disabled lesbian of color be counted as three votes? Voting rules are particularly important. Will each community vote en bloc or will members freely pick their unique identity per vote so our black disabled lesbian might align with fellow blacks on issue “A” but and with the disabled community on issue “B”?
Read More: http://www.unz.com/article/curing-the-campus-pc-pox/

Harvard Study Shows Unprecedented Anti-Trump Media Bias — Except For When He Bombed Syria By Chris Menahan

A new Harvard study published on Thursday found unprecedented levels of anti-Trump bias from the major media in Trump’s first 100 days in office, with NBC, CBS and CNN generating over 91 percent negative coverage.
The Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy analysed news reports from the print editions of The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, as well as “the main newscasts of CBS, CNN, Fox News, and NBC, and three European news outlets (The UK’s Financial Times and BBC, and Germany’s ARD).”
Here’s what they found:
– President Trump dominated media coverage in the outlets and programs analyzed, with Trump being the topic of 41 percent of all news stories—three times the amount of coverage received by previous presidents. He was also the featured speaker in nearly two-thirds of his coverage.
– Republican voices accounted for 80 percent of what newsmakers said about the Trump presidency, compared to only 6 percent for Democrats and 3 percent for those involved in anti-Trump protests.
– European reporters were more likely than American journalists to directly question Trump’s fitness for office.
– Trump has received unsparing coverage for most weeks of his presidency, without a single major topic where Trump’s coverage, on balance, was more positive than negative, setting a new standard for unfavorable press coverage of a president.
– Fox was the only news outlet in the study that came close to giving Trump positive coverage overall, however, there was variation in the tone of Fox’s coverage depending on the topic.

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The Baylor Football Program's Black Rape Culture, Pushed by White Coaches and Protected by White Administrators

In a more civilized age, every individual who was responsible for unleashing a "rape" culture at Baylor University via the recruitment of black high school football players to the campus would be arrested, have all of their assets seized, and thrown in a prison full of convicted black criminals for the rest of their lives. 

But Baylor is just the tip of the iceberg, with campuses across the nation recruiting black high school football and basketball players who have absolutely no academic business attending the schools save for their perceived athletic superiority over white athletes. 

Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White came out a few prior to the revelations coming from Waco, Texas, that - in a more civilized era - would have resulted in every individual who participated in enabling the black "rape" culture to permeate the campus or helped cover it up facing firing squads for their promotion of evil. 

And make no mistake, what happened at Baylor is far more evil than the events at Penn State and their homosexual predators. 

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Most Important Fact of US-led Globalism is that Jews won the Invisible War

There are military wars. US won most of them. Even when US lost, the other side suffered far more damage than the US. It’s been said US lost the Vietnam War, but compare what happened to US with what happened to Vietnam. It’s like George Kennedy’s loss to Paul Newman in COOL HAND LUKE.

Some might say US lost in Iraq too, but US was untouched by the war. Iraq is a total mess.

But there is a war more crucial than military wars or Cold Wars. There is the Invisible War. The power within the US has been determined by the Invisible War. And it was this War, more than the Cold War, that shaped the future of the world. USSR was once a world power, but it failed to win the hearts and minds or the loins and groins of the masses of the world. So, once the USSR collapsed, the question was which group in America would get to determine America’s lone-superpower agenda for the entire world?

This Invisible War mattered a great deal because US is ethnically diverse.
All nations have Invisible Wars among various groups contending for dominance, but in a homogeneous nation, the dominant race-and-culture of that nation is in charge regardless of which side wins. Suppose there are various factions vying for power in China. Whichever wins, China is controlled by Chinese.

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Does Google Have a Liberal Bias? Search Results for Roger Ailes Speak Volumes

The former Chairman and CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes, has passed. He was arguably one of the most consequential individuals in media and politics in the last century, and he leaves behind a loving wife and son. He also leaves behind a cadre of loyal former employees who love and respect him.
But if you run a Google search on him, you’ll find that the top results consist almost entirely of articles from several liberal publications savaging his reputation as a person. The search results — both on mobile and desktop platforms — begin with entries that are strikingly cruel and meanspirited — and raise new questions about Google’s objectivity.
The top results on “Roger Ailes” include a piece by leftist activist Matt Taibbi ofRolling Stone declaring Ailes “one of the worst Americans ever,” an article by NBC’s Joy Reid on Time stating that Ailes “built a kingdom on exploited bias,” and a Bret Stephens op-ed in the New York Times, that calls him “the man who wrecked conservatism.” An op-ed on The Guardian by Arwa Mahdawi condemning Ailes for helping to “create this nightmare world” shows up alongside the other articles savaging him, way above obituaries or any neutral pieces about the man.

Read More: https://heatst.com/tech/does-google-have-a-liberal-bias-search-results-for-roger-ailes-speak-volumes/

Notes from a White Country, Part III by Jack Krak

Polish School
Polish schools get great results at low cost.
All the children in my son’s class at school are white. And when I say “class,” I don’t mean just the 17 kids in the same room with him; I mean all the children of the same age in the same grade in the entire school. I didn’t have to enroll him in an expensive private school or live in rural Vermont or the Scottish Highlands to get my son into this minority-free classroom. This is just what schools look like in Poland.
I’m writing about education because a recent conversation with a hopelessly naive liberal reminded me that it’s another area dominated by the racially ignorant. She told me that a lack of contact with other races and cultures at schools was a drawback to living in Poland, and that it diminished students’ academic potential. I asked her how students in Japan and South Korea regularly topped international academic competitions. I asked why the most ethnically and linguistically diverse places on the planet, such as Papua New Guinea or central Africa, don’t produce academic champions.
“Well, maybe they do!” was the best reply she could come up with.
Societies with little “diversity” such as Iceland, Denmark, and Taiwan consistently top the lists of measures of academic achievement. Poland is just outside the top ten and consistently ranks above the United States. I’m confident my son will be just fine despite not spending years sharing a classroom with Africans, Mexicans, or children from the Hindu Kush.
How Polish schools are different
Poland has an advantage in statistical comparisons of international educational achievement for the same reason that New Hampshire has an advantage over New Mexico. Poland doesn’t have many non-white minorities, so its average test scores represent the performance of Poles. Only delusional egalitarians could deny that large numbers of students from countries where the literacy rate is under 60 percent or wherefewer than a third of children even go to school are likely to drag down the test scores in majority-white nations.
But what makes Poland’s achievements in international competitions more impressive are the advantages it doesn’t have. First, Poland doesn’t have the large education budget that many other high-achieving countries such as Japan or Finland have. Although it spends about the same percentage of GDP as the United States on education, actual outlays per student are about 40 percent of the US figure.
In American school districts, an inverse relationship between spending and results is not uncommon. Boston (87 percent minority, 70 percent graduation rate), Baltimore (90 percent minority, 69 percent graduation rate) and Detroit (98 percent minority, allegedly 77 percent graduation rate after being just 58 percent in 2008) are all examples of school districts that spend above the average to get graduation rates well below the national average of 83 percent. Polish students can score among the top 12 or 15 countries in the world while a third of the students in Baltimore don’t even finish high school despite having about three times as much money spent on them.
Back to things Poland doesn’t have: There are no school buses here, yet somehow parents manage to get their children to school. Good public transportation helps. There is a modest infrastructure for providing meals in schools, but the idea of schools feeding children as apublic service to certain “communities” is unknown here. Poles who earn a fraction of the American average income pay for their children to eat at school while half the parents in the U.S. let the government pick up most or all of the tab.
Read More: https://www.amren.com/commentary/2017/05/notes-white-country-part-iii-poland-schools-education/

A Crash Course In Reactionary Geopolitics by MICHAEL PERILLOUX

There’s this idea that goes around in rightist circles occasionally that the United States should balkanize, because there’s too much cultural and racial diversity to fit in a democracy, and also that it’s obvious how American power is currently ruining the world. The idea is that if the U.S. broke up and retreated from its foreign entanglements, everything would ultimately end up better off, as the resultant nations would be more culturally homogeneous and able to focus on their internal affairs.
It’s easy enough to see why someone might think that; diversity actually is incompatible with democracy, and America’s foreign policy actually is ruining the world and ourselves, and a retreat and breakup might seem to offer immediate relief from those problems. So, it’s common enough to see this idea in discussions of the problem of America’s future.
But the balkanization meme, and many other visions for America’s geopolitical future, like going back to something more akin to isolationism, miss major facts about the state of the geopolitical game-board and are thus ultimately unrealistic and dangerous.
So, let’s go over five important basic facts that must inform a smarter approach to coming up with ideas for long-term geopolitical strategy:

1. America Has A Global Empire
The days have passed from when near-isolationism was a live possibility. Relative peace and prosperity in the West are secured by U.S. nuclear and military supremacy, the U.S.-dollar based financial and international trade system, the U.S. intelligence agencies, the U.S. elite education monopoly, U.S.-controlled “liberal democratic” system, and so on. These systems are broken and destructive, but they fill a vacuum and secure an empire.
If the empire were surrendered, there would be a period of geopolitical chaos as players jockey for new positions, falling material prosperity in the West would result in civil unrest, and ultimately, China and Russia would take advantage of the chaos to fill the vacuum and become our new world overlords. It would take a long time and possibly some big wars to get back to stability, and the outcome would probably be worse than what we have now.
For analogy, consider what happened after World War II when the British Empire collapsed. The third world wasn’t liberated; it was eaten up by the international empires of Moscow and Washington. Lots of genocide, dysgenics, civil war, and mass immigration resulted.
Read More: http://www.socialmatter.net/2017/01/23/crash-course-reactionary-geopolitics/

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The Slow-Motion Assassination of President Trump by Scott Adams


I saw this quote on CNN.com today: “The episode is the latest woe for Trump, whose administration is engulfed in a series of scandals linked to Russia.”

A “series of scandals linked to Russia”? Would it be equally accurate to characterize it as a series of stories manufactured by the media, none of which have been confirmed to be a big deal?

Today’s headline news is that an alleged Comey memo indicates President Trump tried to obstruct justice in the Flynn investigation by saying to Comey in a private meeting, “I hope you can let this go.”

Key word = hope

How did the New York Times characterize Trump’s expression of hope?

Do you see Trump asking Comey to end the Flynn investigation in the quote “I hope you can let this go”?
All I see in that sentence is “duh.” Obviously Trump HOPED his friend and advisor Flynn would be okay. Did it need to be said? Was there some confusion on this point with Comey? Did Comey enter the meeting thinking maybe President Trump wanted to see his friend and advisor Flynn get eaten by the system?
I’m no lawyer, but I can’t see any judge or jury in the United States prosecuting someone for expressing a hope that the future turns out well for his friend.
Watch the headlines and pundits today transmogrify “hope” into “asked to end the Flynn investigation.”
That isn’t news.
That is an assassination.

Read More: http://blog.dilbert.com/post/160770453201/the-slow-motion-assassination-of-president-trump

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Frightening Levels of Black Violence About to Force the Preakness horse race out of 70% Black Baltimore

A few years ago, some friends and I went to the Preakness in Baltimore. The trip in was akin to Marlowe's experience in Heart of Darkness. The further in to nearly 70 percent black Baltimore we went, the further away from western civilization we traveled. 

Boarded up homes, abandoned and collapsing edifices, as well as liquor store after liquor store after liquor store (the occasional check cashing business seemed to be operational) dotted the apocalyptic landscape. 

Just as we were approaching the Preakness event, a white cop was directing traffic. Our generous designated driver was agitated by the traffic and decided he knew where to park to avoid waiting any longer. Just as he tried to turn away from the traffic, the white cop made eye contact with us and shook his head "no," communicating non-verbally the direction we were about to go was a death sentence. 

Without protest, our driver humbly veered back into the full lane of traffic and we awaited the kindly traffic suggestions of the white police officer, diligently attempting to maintain western civilization in a city long overwhelmed by Africans in America. 

Suffice it to say this was one year before the Freddie Gray incident. 


Rising levels of black violence in 70 percent black Baltimore, particularly around the area of the Preakness - where hundreds of thousands of white people with disposable income and purchasing power will soon be traveling to for the horse race (well, to get quite intoxicated actually) - are about to force the owners of the race to find a more hospitable venue to host the event. 

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The Liberal Need for Exoneration by Chris Roberts

It blinds them to the obvious.
To be white and an “anti-racist” requires a constant dance of fanciful rhetoric, huddled clichés, and scapegoats.
Put another way: Whites who believe in egalitarianism need excuses for why they live in white neighborhoods, send their kids to white schools, and consume almost exclusively white culture. They also need to be ready to look down their noses at other whites who are worse (i.e. more racist) than they. This explains most liberal writing on race.
 This would be typical:
I send my kids to private instead of public school not because of the difference in demographics, but because of the difference in quality. That difference in quality is entirely a product of funding. Those evil Republicans permanently cripple public schools by funding them poorly. Which is why I always vote Democrat.
It’s easy to claim this is cynicism, but I find that almost every white person who thinks along these lines really means it. He believes racism is an abhorrent and unforgivable evil, and is driven to find ways to escape from its taint.
Thursday night, I attended a very large gathering of white liberals desperately seeking exoneration. It was in Washington DC, a city that is 55 percent black and 36 percent white. Specifically, it was at the Quaker school, “Sidwell Friends,” which is 59 percent white and 13 percent black. That school is in the wealthy northwest part of Washington DC, zip code 20016, which is 73 percent white and 3.9 percent black. The audience of about 200 people was about 80 percent white. The sponsor was the very progressive bookstore “Politics & Prose,” whose three staff members at this event were all white.
Can you guess what event attracted all those whites?
It was the release of a new book on the history of housing discrimination, The Color of Law, written by liberal wonk Richard Rothstein, who appeared with none other than Ta-Nehisi Coates. The organizers so feared that Mr. Coates would steal the show, that even though no books of his would be sold there, the announcement of the event warned: “Coates will not be signing.”
Richard Rothstein and Ta-Nehisi Coates

Read More: https://www.amren.com/commentary/2017/05/richard-rothstein-housing-discrimination-segregation-racism-american-history/

Mark Steyn On the Unmentionable Real Issues and Steve Sailer’s “World’s Most Important Graph” by JOHN DERBYSHIRE

Mark takes recently-elected French president Emmanuel Macron and his new political party as the starting point for his commentary. He refers to Macron as “this cipher, this globalist pretty boy.” He translates the name of Macron’s party, En Marche!, as “Forward!” Mark called this “a vacuous slogan.”
This recent Presidential election in France was, said Mark, a consequential election; but the guy who won, “won by pretending it was an election about nothing.”
To support his case, and to set the hearts a-fluttering over here on the Dissident Right, Mark then pulled out Steve Sailer’s graph, the graph I was talking about two weeks ago, what Steve calls “the world’s most important graph.” This is the graph Steve made from the U.N.’s 2012 population projections, showing the population of Europe flatlining at around half a billion through the rest of this century while the population of Africa rockets up to over four billion:
Read More: http://www.unz.com/jderbyshire/mark-steyn-on-the-unmentionable-real-issues-and-steve-sailers-worlds-most-important-graph/

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Eastward Expansion to Save the European Union by Peter S. Rieth

european union
To save itself, Western Europe must flood itself with the vitality of Eastern European culture. The alternative is that Western Europe will continue to wither away and die…
I have spent at least the last four years studying the question of European unity, both its practical status in terms of the dynamics of the European Union as well as its theoretical nature in terms of European history. Over the course of these four years, I have found myself in a most isolated political position. On issue after issue, I found myself agreeing with the most radical critics of the European Union—except on one issue: the dismantling of the EU. Is it possible to have a United Europe without subscribing to the modern litany of political correctness that dictates the content of the present European Union? Can we aim for a European Union that is classically European in the best sense of the term?
When the Polish conservative quarterly Right Option was kind enough to interview me in 2015, I made clear my position: I was and will remain opposed to dismantling the European Union, and insofar as I have a voice in the matter as a Polish citizen, I am opposed to Poland leaving the Union. Be that as it may, there were also men opposed to the fall of the Roman Republic. History, once set in motion by a combination of poor choices, must take its course. Ideas, particularly bad ones, do have consequences. The self-styled Euro-enthusiasts, who I have also persistently opposed, have proven themselves the modern archetype of Shelly’s famous poem. I can well imagine some European version of a pedestal placed in Brussels where these words appear:
My name is Schuman, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Read More: http://www.theimaginativeconservative.org/2017/05/eastward-expansion-save-european-union-peter-s-rieth.html


People seem to be catching on to the mural that was painted beneath the Eiffel Tower last September. The mural depicts white and black figures intertwined, in the middle a black male figure looks like he’s having sex with a white female figure. Many of people have pointed out the shape of the figures makes a six pointed star, or the “star of David”.

The artist Cleon Peterson named his mural, “The Endless Sleep“, interpreted by us as a veiled euphemism for the end of Native Europeans worldwide. Many French people gazed at this image and believed it was a “circle of love” as it was officially described. However, this is not the case at all; this is open mockery and a disguised victory exultation at the foot of probably the most iconic European landmark.
It is no surprise to us that Cleon tweeted out the following about his work with certain members of the Rothschild family:
“I’m extremely proud to have the opportunity to work with Ariane and Benjamin de Rothschild…” – April 3rd
This mural depicts a completion or near completion of the Hebrew-Masonic goal of European dissolution. The pure brazenness of this only exposes their complete arrogance and certainty of success. It is also worrying that this went completely unquestioned by the French and wider white European population, only indicating further that the population is asleep.
What will wake them up? They have eyes but they cannot see, what will open their eyes? If you would like the answer to these questions please read this article: The Only Way to Save the West Is a Radical Resurgence of Christianity.

You will see a common theme in this “artists” work. What follows will be a pictorial glimpse into the future these people would have for your children, followed by a brief conclusion.
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