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Afghanistan, Then and Now - Steve Sailer

Back in September 2001, a couple of weeks after 9/11, I wrote a movie review of The Man Who Would Be King to make two predictions: Toppling the Taliban government of Afghanistan in a punitive raid for hosting Osama bin Laden would be less difficult than widely predicted, while sticking around to nation-build would be a fool’s errand:
Yet, if a war in Afghanistan does prove winnable, which it should, ought the U.S. undertake a long-term benevolent occupation to attempt to turn that desolate land into a peaceful “normal country”? Huston’s movie offers a skeptical perspective.
Both of my forecasts came true. But nobody ever learns.
Just as Serbia resembles an outpost of Russian culture in southern Europe, Afghanistan is culturally similar to Arabia, if the Arabs were all smoking meth. The Pashtun culture, centered in eastern Afghanistan and western Pakistan, may be the world’s most dysfunctional. Here are some of their proverbs:
The Pukhtun is never at peace, except when he is at war.
One’s own mother and sister are disgusting.
When the floodwaters reach your chin, put your son beneath your feet.
The horribleness of indigenous Pashtun culture might explain why the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban are seen by locals not as savages but, due to their strict obedience to the Koran, as moral exemplars. Muhammad might have married a 9-year-old, but at least she was a girl. For example, pederasty, or bacha bazi (“dancing boys), is so common among the Pashtuns that American troops were told they had to ignore sex abuse of minors for the good of the alliance. In contrast, one of the precipitating events of the Taliban’s rise to power in the mid-1990s was a small civil war between two non-Taliban warlords over a boy they both fancied. A Taliban squad under Mullah Omar rescued the boy, which raised their reputation.
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The Obsessions of Hitchcock, Welles, and Kubrick by JONATHAN KIRSHNER

The Obsessions of Hitchcock, Welles, and Kubrick
The Extraordinary Image: Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, and the Reimagining of Cinema
Robert P. Kolker
Rutgers University Press, $27.95 (cloth)

Film buffs will approach The Extraordinary Image with eager anticipation. Robert Kolker, former president of the Society for Cinema Studies, has enjoyed a long and distinguished academic career. He is best known for his landmark studyA Cinema of Loneliness: Penn, Kubrick, Coppola, Scorsese, Altman (1980), now in its fourth edition, as is his influential textbook, Film Form and Culture (1999). Kolker has also edited volumes on Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) and Kubrick’s2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). Looking back from the vantage of these accomplishments and experience, what might he have to say about the holy trinity of Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, and Stanley Kubrick?
Canonization has fallen out of favor in the twenty-first century (perhaps fittingly, Kubrick left us in 1999), but there is good reason that cinephiles and scholars find these particular titans irresistible. The career of the prolific Hitchcock can be divided into four phases: British Silents, British Sound, American Studio, and American Independent, periods that loosely coincide with his output by decade from the 1920s through the 1950s. Had his oeuvre been limited to any one of those periods, he would still be considered one of the greats. Welles was all of twenty-five years old when he made Citizen Kane (1941), the Empire State Building of movies, and for the rest of his career, incompatible with the Hollywood way, he made astonishing, invariably dazzling films under impossible circumstances. Kubrick, a cerebral diamond cutter, released his films at a glacial pace but every one can be studied with interest shot by shot, if not frame by frame.
The Extraordinary Image takes as a welcome point of departure the notion that filmmaking is essentially the craft of building images, and telling stories by way of their composition and juxtaposition. Kolker’s project is especially well-tailored to that insight, as the directors under consideration are among the most purposefullycinematic of filmmakers; each aspired to make movies that could only be understood as movies, a distinct art form with a language and a grammar of its own. Hitchcock held in contempt films he described as “photographs of people talking,” and he came to this position honestly: his apprenticeship, first in Germany and then in England, was in the silent cinema, movies that were necessarily exercises in almost purely visual storytelling. (The arrival of sound in 1929, which in its early days required massive, clumsy equipment, was a step back in this craft, one reason why Peter Bogdonavich considers 1928 the greatest single year in the history of movies.)
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The Next "Civil Right" for Blacks: Free Public Utilities?

One hundred years ago, Baltimore was nearly 90 percent white. White people were in complete political control of the city, and they passed zoning laws to protect their posterity from black dysfunction and black crime, which was noticeable via pattern recognition. 

Laws and social policy should exist because of pattern recognition (to protect not only the present status quo but guard against preventable evils for future generations as well); totalitarian thought control and political control exist today to stifle the observation of pattern recognition.

One hundred years ago, nearly 90 percent white Baltimore saw the construction of the city's water infrastructure, which is still in use today. 

Of course, the city is 70 percent black today, and losing citizens (it's white population is below 25 percent and dropping) on a daily basis. 

With this new black majority, comes hilarious challenges only possible when a white majority is absent, namely the ability to provide sustain a first world quality of life. 

You see, the new black majority (just like in Flint, Michigan) believes potable water is not just a right, but one that should be free. [Baltimore water discount program short of meeting need of tens of thousands of families, Baltimore Sun, June 17, 2017]:
 As Baltimore continues to raise its water rates for city customers, the public works department has set a goal of doubling enrollment in discount programs to help the poor and the elderly. 
But even if the city hit that target — and records show it is not close — it would be missing tens of thousands who could qualify for reduced monthly bills. 
Nationwide, water rate increases are outpacing inflation, pushing bills to levels in the next five years that researchers say could become unaffordable for one in three U.S. households. In Baltimore, rates are scheduled to rise this summer and again next summer, doubling the cost of water in just eight years. 

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How genetics is settling the Aryan migration debate

New DNA evidence is solving the most fought-over question in Indian history. And you will be surprised at how sure-footed the answer is, writes Tony Joseph

The thorniest, most fought-over question in Indian history is slowly but surely getting answered: did Indo-European language speakers, who called themselves Aryans, stream into India sometime around 2,000 BC – 1,500 BC when the Indus Valley civilisation came to an end, bringing with them Sanskrit and a distinctive set of cultural practices? Genetic research based on an avalanche of new DNA evidence is making scientists around the world converge on an unambiguous answer: yes, they did.
This may come as a surprise to many — and a shock to some — because the dominant narrative in recent years has been that genetics research had thoroughly disproved the Aryan migration theory. This interpretation was always a bit of a stretch as anyone who read the nuanced scientific papers in the original knew. But now it has broken apart altogether under a flood of new data on Y-chromosomes (or chromosomes that are transmitted through the male parental line, from father to son).
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The U.S. Army Wants a More Powerful Rifle

The U.S. Army Wants a More Powerful Rifle

On May 30, 2017, the U.S. Army officially asked industry for information on a new 7.62-by-51-millimeter rifle. The request signals the Army’s intention to begin moving away from the 5.56-by-45-millimeter M-16 and M-4 that have been the ground-combat branch’s main firearms for generations.
The Army’s RFI comes hot on the heels of the U.S. Marine Corps’ own RFI for a new off-the-shelf infantry rifle.
But the Army’s so-called “Interim Combat Service Rifle” could be a stopgap — a weapon the service buys quickly while it considers longer-term solutions to its firearms needs. In the short term, the ICSR could complement the 7.62-millimeter M-14, itself a stopgap.
The RFI “should not be construed as a request for proposal or as an obligation on the part of the government to acquire any services or hardware,” the Army stated. The service just wants to know what 7.62-millimeter rifle designs are available. The Army hasn’t set aside any funding for buying or testing a new weapon. Yet.
So what is the Army looking for? The RFI requests commercial, readily-available designs with 16- or 20-inch barrels, the ability to fix muzzle devices capable of flash- and sound-suppression, fully-ambidextrous controls, a rail system, optics-mounts and an adjustable buttstock.
The RFI also requests back-up iron sights, an overall weight of less than 12 pounds and a minimum magazine capacity of 20 rounds.
The Army’s fresh interest in a larger-caliber firearm reflects recent combat experience. In Afghanistan, Taliban fighters armed with Russian-made 7.62-by-54-millimeter weapons frequently out-ranged U.S. and NATO troops.
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More Urine Detection Equipment Needed for MARTA in Atlanta (Ridership is 74% Black)

Black Mecca Down: The Collapse of the City too Busy to Hate came out back in late 2012. But it's more timely than ever...

In late December 2013, we learned the hilarious truth about what blacks do to public transportation in America, by seeing but a glimpse of the 3rd world conditions they exclusively create in Atlanta's MARTA (Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta) transit system
An actual sign found in a MARTA station in Atlanta, Georgia (ridership is 74% black)...
$1.11 million dollars. 
That's one tiny example of the cost of black America. 
$1.11 million dollars spent on a urine detection system for Atlanta's mass transit system, MARTA (Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta). At a cost of $10,000 per urine detection device (UDD), all 111 elevators in the MARTA system will soon be outfitted to dissuade the transit riders - 74 percent of whom are black - from using public property as a commode.  
$1.11 million dollars spent on a UDD system, because the black population of Atlanta who rides MARTA are incapable of engaging in civilized, first-world behavior. [Urine detection system installed in Atlanta transit station elevator, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 12-19-13]
The more things change, the the more they stay the same. As metro Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia becomes overwhelmed with a third world - nonwhite - population, the quality of life in regresses to that found in the 3rd world. [More urine detectors coming to MARTA elevators,, June 16, 2017]:
Tired of the stench of urine in MARTA elevators? You may soon get some, uh, relief. 
MARTA is installing urine detection equipment as part of a $149 million effort to rehab its elevators and escalators. The work begins next week and will include graffiti-resistant wall panels and brighter lighting in elevators. It also will include new tread, handrails and mechanical systems for escalators. 
But the urine-detectors for elevators may be the most novel change. 

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Multicultural Diversity in Germany

In America, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has begun to crack down on the Salvadoran criminal gang called MS-13. In Germany, where people are more enlightened, police and judicial authorities have ceded areas of the nation to criminal gangs. Many, if not most of the gang members are Muslims, but they have been in Germany for a generation or two. They are, as one says, assimilated.

German prosecutors and judges are too afraid to do anything. Soeren Kern reports on the phenomenon for the Gatestone Institute. (viaMaggie’s Farm) As always, his report contains extensive documentation.

Kern begins with the action in a Hanover court, a court that exculpated gang members who wounded police officers. If they can get away with injuring the police, what can’t they get away with:

A court in Hanover has handed suspended sentences to six members of a Kurdish clan who seriously wounded two dozen police officers during a violent rampage in Hameln. The court's ruling was greeted with anger and derision by police who said it is yet another example of the laxity of Germany's politically correct judicial system.

The case goes back to January 2014, when a 26-year-old clan member, arrested for robbery, tried to escape from the magistrate's office by jumping out of a seventh-floor courtroom window. The suspect was taken to the hospital, where he died. Members of his clan subsequently ransacked the hospital, as well as the court, and attacked police with rocks and other projectiles; 24 police officers and six paramedics were injured.

The judge said he was lenient because the defendants witnessed the death of the 26-year-old and were traumatized. The judge also revealed that he had reached a deal with the clan, which among other effects prevented police from testifying in court.

The real reason for the pusillanimous approach:

Observers have surmised that the real reason for the judge's leniency was that he feared his family might be subjected to retribution from the clan.

Middle Eastern crime syndicates have established themselves across Germany, where they engage in racketeering, extortion, money laundering, pimping and trafficking in humans, weapons and drugs.

The syndicates, which are run by large clans with origins in Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, among other places, operate with virtual impunity because German judges and prosecutors are unable or unwilling to stop them.

The clans — some of which migrated to Germany during Lebanon's 1975-1990 civil war and have grown to thousands of members — now control large swathes of German cities and towns — areas that are effectively lawless and which German police increasingly fear to approach.

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Lena Dunham Fills The Void Left By Cosby Mistrial

The Cosby trial ended in a hopelessly deadlocked jury. Convicting celebrities is nearly impossible in this country as evidenced by the shitty prosecutorial record in doing so. Robert Blake said he couldn't have possibly shot his pain in the ass wife because he forgot his gun in the restaurant and went back to retrieve it at the time his wife was killed outside the restaurant. He wasn't even trying. The jury let him go. Simpletons remain forever enamored of rich and famous people. It's why basic cable shows are all built around the premise of super fancy drunk women with nice pendants. 
Cosby's prosecution was a large waste of resources. And was clearly re-surfaced by a D.A. looking to score political points after his office declined to prosecute the same crime a dozen years earlier. The Screech lookalike in this case had previously take a fat check to be mum and the judge refused to let the sixty other women who woke up with Cosby jizz in their ear canals testify. You know need but one retired grocery store bagger to hold out because she loved Dr. Huxtable. 
Upon news of the mistrial, various feminist and rape survivors organizations remind the world that ninety-seven percent of men will rape a woman on any given Tuesday while his buddies cheer him on. The other three percent are in wheel-chairs but would if they could. Lena Dunham stepped into the breach to provide emotional support to sexual assault survivors and women everywhere. She makes no distinction between the two groups.
"Bill Cosby’s trial is about much more than Bill Cosby. When women see justice served, their own fear & trauma are eased. When they don’t, survivors of sexual assault have to watch every day as the legal system calls them liars and denies their truth. It is an unimaginable grind. My heart is with every survivor reliving the erasure of their own experience today. I see you. I love you. P.S. It’s okay to check out of the news and honor yourself today. Do whatever you need to feel whole.”
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Has the Left Learned Something from the Scalise Shooting? - American Renaissance

Gunman Fires on GOP Baseball Practice Shooting Congressman Scalise
(Credit Image: © Essdras M Suarez/ZUMA Press)
The shooting at the Republican baseball practice has prompted virtually every commentator and columnist to pronounce on the question of whether intemperate political speech leads to political violence. Now that it is a Bernie Sanders supporter and admirer of the Southern Poverty Law Center who has gone on the rampage, even a few lefties are regretting the frenzy of Tea Party-blaming that followed Jared Loughner’s attempt to kill Gabby Giffords in 2011.
Charles Blow of the New York Times is warning Republicans not to blame anti-Trump vitriol for the shooting, and patting himself on the back for refraining from blaming the “climate of hate” that so many claimed prompted the Giffords shooting. Still, he can’t bring himself to condemn or even mention the people who don’t just stop at “violent rhetoric,” but who regularly put it into practice: the so-called “anti-fascists.”
It’s good to see the media worrying about whether it may be wrong to try to score political points whenever there is violence, but they do a bad job of pretending to be above the fray. In a Wednesday editorial on the Scalise shooting, the Times wrote that the Giffords attackwas politically motivated, and made a correction only under an avalanche of criticism from readers.
The Left is certainly consistent in refusing to draw larger conclusions from attacks by Muslims. Every attack, they assure us, is the work of deranged fanatics, and says nothing about Islam itself or the wisdom of permitting Muslim immigration to the West. Somehow, the obvious escapes them: that countries with large populations of Muslims have a problem with Islamic terror, and countries that have kept them out don’t. It is now standard for promoters of mass immigration to accuse nations such as Hungary and Poland that keep out Muslim “migrants” of betraying “European values.”
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More social justice warriors under attack by black people

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Protecting our past - Virginia Flaggers

Fictional Black Utopia of "Wakanda" vs. Reality of 70% Black Baltimore: Black Mayor of Baltimore Proposes 'Squeegee Boys' to Stop Out of Control Black Violence

Four stories, and one of them is not like the other. 

Can you figure it out? 

We all start with Baltimore, a 70 percent black city, with black mayor, majority black city council and an almost entirely all-black bureaucracy.
These people are in charge of 70 percent Baltimore, a city crumbling into its own footprint. In 1917, Baltimore was 90 percent white and one of the world's most important cities. It had no need for 'squeegee boys'...

100 years ago, Baltimore was nearly 90 percent white, and restrictive covenants protected white homeowners and white business owners [as well as their posterity] from observable patterns of black dysfunction and what an unchecked black criminal class could do the city's present and future fortunes. 

Today, Baltimore is less than 25 percent white. 

And this happened to a hapless white public official... [Health Department official who oversees anti-violence initiatives assaulted, Baltimore Sun, June 11, 2017]:
An assistant city health commissioner who oversees anti-violence initiatives was assaulted Friday in downtown Baltimore on his way back to work after having a sandwich for lunch. 
Greg Sileo, who is recovering from multiple facial fractures, swelling and bruising, said he does not remember the attack, but according to police, he was assaulted at 1 p.m. by a group of juveniles at Baltimore and Commerce streets. The teens took his two cellphones and his wallet, Sileo said. 
The world of Marvel's 'Wakanda'... a fake African utopia with advanced technology and no need for 'squeegee boys' as a program to stop blacks from killing other blacks (as is needed in 70% black Baltimore)...
"I think we need to look into what is causing people to engage in this kind of behavior," Sileo, 33, said Saturday after being discharged from the Maryland Shock Trauma Center. "A couple of young guys stealing my cellphones and ending up in jail doesn't seem to be worth it." 
Sileo, who ran for a South Baltimore City Council seat last year, oversees various anti-violence programs at the Health Department, including the Office of Youth Violence Prevention and Safe Streets. He also is president of the Locust Point Civic Association.

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What Is National Socialism?

Unpopular Opinions: Indian & Nippon Style with Armour

The Attempted GOP Baseball Massacre

600,000+ Applicants Expected in Los Angeles for Section 8 Voucher Lottery: Only 3% Will Even Be Placed on Waiting List...

All wars arrive from population pressure?

Well, what's happening in the United States of America, with the extreme growth redistribution of wealth to help primarily nonwhites through EBT/Snap, welfare, healthcare and housing via Section 8 Vouchers, we might be reaching critical mass.

Example: Los Angeles.  It's been 13 years since Los Angeles opened the waiting list for Section 8 Vouchers, which only gets you placed in the lottery program. Back in 2004, 300,000 people applied.

In 2017, officials anticipate 600,000 applying to be part of the subsidized housing program, with only 20,000 names eventually pulled out in the lottery system to be placed on the waiting list.

Translation: only 3 percent of those 600,000 people applying in Los Angeles for Section 8 Vouchers will even get to the lottery stage. Those 20,000 "Section 8 Voucher lottery winners" will then be waiting a new voucher to come available (roughly 2,400 do each year in L.A.).

Interestingly enough, the city of Los Angeles has 50,000 vouchers, only covering eight percent of those who will be applying for the chance to be part of the lottery system.

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In Post-Mortem of Election, Clinton Learns Literally Nothing by M. Jaggers

Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes.
Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign.
New York: Crown, 2017.
The left, Clinton, and the media are defiant, and refuse to learn anything from the 2016 presidential election — root causes, messaging, or anything else which would hint at self-awareness.  They still want us to believe that the Russkies did it. Or they point towards breaches against PC doctrine about race and gender they think somehow proves their case.  How can we get through to people who are at once so sensitive about words and speech, and yet so dull in perceiving cause and effect?
Some documentation has emerged recently which gives us a more intimate look into the Clinton campaign’s strategy and the thought process of Clinton herself, both post-election and during the campaign.  Some of this we already know: that she is arrogant, entitled, and so forth; but what is in particular amusing is that she still seems to think that the “argument” of referring to Trump and his supporters as “racist” is an a priori proposition — no evidence needed, rather than a contentious characterization of which people have grown weary.
For example, it may be underestimated how devastating Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” speech was to her campaign.  This is described in Shattered, a book which gives an inside look at the Clinton campaign (though through an annoyingly partisan Democrat perspective).  The authors, Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, compare “basket of deplorables” to Romney’s “47 percent” remark, which may well have cost him the election: “Hillary had become the 2016 cycle’s Mitt Romney […] For all the messaging she’d done on inclusiveness, she now sounded like not only an elite but an elitist” (316).  While it was hard to gauge the political effects at the time due to the constant spin from the MSM, that may well have been the moment that she lost the election.  Shattered shows that the Clinton campaign was more cognizant of her mistake than they let on.  At any rate, the remark certainly demonstrated Clinton’s cavalier attitude towards non-ethnomasochistic Whites (for those who weren’t already aware).  

Poles, Hungarians, Reject EU’s “Blackmail” Over Invaders

The Polish and Hungarian foreign ministers have both announced their respective governments’ rejection of what they called the European Union’s “blackmail” over the fake refugee “redistribution” program,  upping the stakes in the ongoing conflict between the race traitor western EU nations and the eastern European states.
At a joint press conference following a meeting with his Hungarian counterpart Peter Szijjarto, Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said here that "We do not accept a blackmail of financial punishment to those who refuse to take in refugees. These issues cannot be linked."
Waszczykowski emphasized that the invader relocation program cannot be linked with EU funds as EU funding was regulated by treaties, adding Poland did not consent to being blackmailed by fines or losing EU funds in the refugee issue.
The Hungarian foreign minister also said the European Commission's allegations were of a political, not legal character" and also gave no consent to blackmail or punishing for not accepting invaders.
Both the foreign ministers agreed that the EC "goes far beyond its competences".
Waszczykowski and Szijjarto commented on media reports on the European Commission which is to decide on Wednesday whether to launch the EU law infringement procedure against countries that do not participate in the refugee relocation program.
The EU law infringement procedure could be launched against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, as none of those nations have taken in any of the invaders pretending to be refugees who have landed in Greece or Italy.
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Argy bargy on hiking trails in Arlington and Detroit -- Denial. Deceit...

Jeremy Corbyn and his half-finished political revolution By Neil Clark

Labour’s stunning performance in last week’s UK general election, which saw the party deny the Tories a majority and gain its largest increase in vote share since 1945, has left the country’s Elite Punditocracy in a state of deep shock.
The neocon/neoliberal Establishment thought their non-stop smearing of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a “terrorist sympathizing/IRA-supporting/anti-Semitism condoning/crimes-of-Milosevic denying/North Korea-admiring/Putin-appeasing/Hamas-befriending/beardie-weirdie sandal-wearing/Stalinist/Trotskyist/hard-left Marxist/enemy of Britain” (take your pick), would ensure that voters would vote the ‘right’ way on June 8, i.e. not for the party led by beyond-the-pale Corbyn. There was great confidence that Labour, having been attacked so relentlessly in the media, would lose heavily.
Jason Cowley, the Blairite political editor of the once radical but now very Establishment-friendly organ the New Statesman, claimed Labour could lose 100 seats. Another pundit predicted Labour’s vote could slip below 20 percent.
But as soon as the results of the BBC’s exit poll were revealed at 10pm on election night, blind panic took over. It was reported that when Rupert Murdoch saw the exit poll showing that the Tories would lose their majority and that Labour would actually gain seats, he stormed out of the room.
It was a joy to see the bewildered, and then indignant ‘they haven’t listened to us!’ reactions of the gatekeepers on social media – people who just a few minutes earlier were assuring us that the “unelectable” Corbyn was leading his party towards an electoral disaster.
It’s not that these smug, self-satisfied stenographers to power were wrong: they never wanted Corbyn to do well in the first place. But they were supremely confident that their relentless attacks on the “extremist” Labour leader would achieve the result their paymasters desired.

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Broken Clock is Right

My official stance on the Africa Ball is certainly not a secret. At best this sickening kosher spectacle is a waste of time and a distraction from more important things, i.e. just about anything else. At worst it's semitic poison that promotes White genocide via miscegenation, violence and self-destruction. Incredibly, there are still many slumbering Whites who seemed unconcerned about their planned annihilation but remain deeply passionate about "their" jew-owned team of dark monsters. Go Red, beat Blue! It's very important to cheer on genetic aliens who would gladly kill you if given a chance. As it turns out, the undercover brother in "Black Lives Matter" agrees with me. Yes, White cuck, if you're still watching the monkey ball you're now officially more pathetic than a castrated phony negro who is probably going to lose his Soros funding over this betrayal of the jew wire-puller behind the jungle rugby.

Daily News columnist and Black Lives Matter leader Shaun King announced Tuesday he is boycotting the National Football League for allegedly blacklisting Colin Kaepernick.

We definitely need to promote this far and wide. If you don't have some fake negro social media accounts to spread division between the jew and its biological weapon, now is the time to get some. Let's destroy the kosher Negro Felon League. No moh En Eff Ell for duh soul bruvas, it bee a races trick bag. Dey be blakk lissin dat hero yella. Dee joo bee hind it an sheet.

Kaepernick, who started a nationwide trend with his controversial decision to kneel during the pre-game national anthem to protest racial injustice in America, has not been signed by an NFL team since he opted out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers in March.

It must be "racism." Losing games and throwing incomplete passes was also, presumably, part of the mulatto's protest against an unjust and evil America that paid this piece of shit millions in fiat currency for "look at that boy run" follies. Now both Blue and Red are reluctant to sign this talent-poor locker room cancer. Sounds like the wite debil holding down a good half-breed!

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A Tactical Retreat for Race Denial by F. Roger Devlin

Academic offers “new philosophical foundation for anti-racism.”
Michael O. Hardimon, Rethinking Race: The Case for Deflationary Realism, Harvard University Press, 2017, $39.95 hardcover
American academics have spun so many fantastic theories about race and “racism” that it almost seems they are willing to embrace any position, no matter how implausible. Perhaps the most implausible is that although there is an enormous amount of “racism” in America, there is no such thing as race. Finally, an academic seems to have realized how silly this sounds, and, in a dense volume published by Harvard University Press, has tried to come up with something a little less silly.
Michael Hardimon, son of a white mother and black father, is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of California at San Diego. He strongly identifies with the “anti-racism” of the academic Left, but criticizes the absurdity of race denial. He realizes that to deny biological race is to fly in the face of both popular perception and scientific evidence, so he tries to build a case for the view that even if there is such a thing as race, it doesn’t matter. He describes his own position rather grandly as “deflationary realism.”
Prof. Hardimon sets out four concepts of race, which he labels 1) minimalist, 2) populationist, 3) the racialist, and 4) his favorite, the socialrace [sic] concept.
He defines race in the minimalist sense as a group of human beings
  • that, as a group, is distinguished from others groups by patterns of visible physical features.
  • whose members are linked by a common ancestry peculiar to members that group, and
  • that originates from a distinctive geographical location.
Needless to say, there is no reference in this definition to behavioral traits. With that exception, it roughly corresponds to the way the man on the street thinks of race. And Prof. Hardimon manages to acknowledge that races in this minimal sense exist. In the oppressive environment of the American academy today, this is enough to make waves, but perhaps his African ancestry helps; race denial is a white invention.
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The Qatar Crisis and Trump’s Dangerous Embrace of the Saudis By DANIEL LARISON

Emma Ashford notes Trump’s obliviousness to the costs of siding with the Saudis and Emiratis in the Qatar crisis:
Indeed, despite these concerns – and despite the efforts of Tillerson, Mattis and others to mediate the dispute, and to walk back the President’s rash tweets – Trump himself appears determined to publicly take the Saudi side in this dispute and force unity within the GCC. In doing so, he risks raising regional tensions, and complicating the anti-ISIS campaign that was the cornerstone of his campaign.
Foreign policy often requires trade-offs. It is no doubt possible that long-term pressure from regional states may induce Qatar to scale back the scope of its foreign policy. But this will come at the cost of other U.S. foreign policy objectives in the region.
The underlying problem with Trump’s handling of the crisis is that he has mistaken the Saudi-led bloc opposed to Qatar for reliable partners in combating jihadism, and so he accepts that their punitive measures against Qatar are proof of their willingness to follow through on supposed commitments made in Riyadh last month. Because he has embraced these client states so fully, he doesn’t appreciate that he is being used to provide their vendetta with a U.S. stamp of approval. He seems to think that the Saudis and their allies are pursuing a U.S.-guided agenda when they are pursuing their own goals without regard to our interests. This is why he keeps thanking King Salman and the Saudi government, but his gratitude–like his support–is seriously misplaced.
The Saudis and their allies are actively undermining U.S. policies in the region, and the president congratulates them on their good work. They single out Qatar to settle scores with them over other issues, but dress up the score-settling as counter-terrorism and Trump believes it without question. The trouble isn’t just that he doesn’t grasp the trade-off being made, but that he actually thinks the U.S. is benefiting greatly from the Saudi-led bloc’s self-serving adventurism. Like many other hawks who conflate U.S. interests and those of bad regional clients, Trump can’t perceive the trade-off being made because he refuses to see the divergence of interests clearly on display.
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Is Europe Dying? - What I Learned From Visiting Paris, Copenhagen and Po...

James Comey and Russian Hackers

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Muslim Terrorist Attacks in the West are partly the Continuation of the Clash of Cultures between Arab Islamism and African Savagery

There's long been a violent Clash of Cultures between the Muslim World(especially Arab) and the Afro-pagan World. Arab Muslims considered black Africans to be wild, savage, lascivious, and beastly. So, Arab Muslims not only enslaved black Africans but castrated them to tame their Jungle Nature. It was Jihad Justice against Jungle Junk. This went on over many centuries. Scholars say Arabs enslaved millions of black Africans, seeing them as little more than animals. 
But Arabs also spread Islam among black Africans, and many black Africans became Muslims and waged Culture War on other black Africans who were seen as mired in tribal-pagan-savagery.
As both the West and the Muslim World were dominated by spiritual institutions, the main thrust of their moral-cultural narrative was directed against black African savagery that was regarded in a negative light, not good for much of anything. White Christians and Arab Muslims felt that black Africans had value only as slaves or converts to Christianity or Islam. They didn't find intrinsic value in black African-ness. 

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You Are Here Charles Murray Interview: On Trump, the chaos at Middlebury, and America’s greatest threat. By Jon Miltimore

Charles Murray Interview: On Trump, the chaos at Middlebury, and America’s greatest threat

American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray will be speaking at Intellectual Takeout’s upcoming gala, an event that will be livestreamed on Facebook at 7 p.m. this Thursday.
A Harvard graduate who received his PhD in political science, Murray is the author of nearly 20 books, including his controversial bestseller The Bell Curve. A recipient of the Irving Kristol Award and the Edmund Burke Award, his work has appeared in the Wall Street JournalThe New York Times, and the Washington Post.

As a prelude to the event, we sat down with Dr. Murray to discuss the state of America’s universities, the Trump administration, and the recent riot at Middlebury College that ensued after the prolific scholar accepted an invitation to speak.
Q: I’ll get right to it. What was that experience like at Middlebury College? Were you frightened?
A: I wasn’t frightened when I was in the lecture hall and we heard the chanting going on outside. I wasn’t even frightened after Professor [Allison] Stanger and I completed our video presentations. Up until the moment we opened the doors to exit the building, I thought all the excitement was over.
But then to open the door and see guys in ski masks, that was scary. The thing is, you don’t get too frightened in that moment, because the adrenaline rush kind of takes care of all that.   
But I did have a very strong sense I should not fall down. That I had better not let myself get pushed to the ground. I didn’t like the idea of being on the ground in the middle of that mob.

How deeply divided is America today?
It’s hard to exaggerate how divided we are. Hardly anyone now engages in a civil conversation with people who don’t agree with them politically.
I know very few people on the left who want to engage with the ideas of people on the right. And I’m sure it looks the same way to people on the left.
People are completely uninterested in dialogue. And, of course, those of us who were Never-Trumpers are especially aware of this, because we catch it from both sides.
Which is to say that the left thinks we ought to become liberals and they are mystified that we remain committed to principles of limited government.
The faithful Trumpists think that any criticism of their man is evidence of perfidy and wanting to sell out to the left.
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