Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Will Trump be Good for the Jewish People? - Taki's Magazine - Steve Sailer

Much of the hysteria sweeping the fraction of the country that voted for Hillary Clinton originates in understandable Jewish worries about whether the rising tide of populist nationalism will be good for Jewish people.
Note the disparate media treatment of Trump’s two Steves. The press has gone nuts baselessly tarring the working-class Irish-American Stephen Bannon, Trump’s strategist, as anti-Semitic (in reality, Bannon helped bankroll Seinfeld), while largely ignoring Jewish-American Stephen Miller, Trump’s brilliant speechwriter and warm-up act, because he doesn’t fit into the Narrative.
While unfair, it’s reasonable for Jews to feel uneasy about Donald Trump’s promises to bring change to a global system under which, whatever its failings, Jews have prospered more than any other ethnic group.
Burkean prudence advises the people on top to be cautious about proposed changes. After all, they have the most to lose. On a per capita basis, Jews are, by far, the highest-achieving, richest, and most influential ethnicity in the world. So they naturally have concerns about the new breed of politicians promising a better deal for the masses. The status quo has been very good to Jews, so as the winners it’s only natural for them to be suspicious of reform.
American Jews, however, have increasingly lost a realistic sense of their own situation, as their talent for Narrative-molding works even better on themselves than it does on everybody else. Jews like to picture themselves as underdogs and thus the natural leaders in a democracy. Contemporary Jews are remarkably lacking in self-awareness of their overdog status.
This is relevant because we are constantly besieged by statistics purporting to demonstrate the existence of “white privilege.” The reigning conventional wisdom insists that any quantitative differences between whites and blacks must be assumed to stem from discrimination. Yet the even more disparate statistics showing Jewish statistical superiority over gentile whites are virtually never used to allege “Jewish privilege.”
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