Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Regressive Left: A Secular Slave Morality

The regressive left is a complete divorce from original liberalism. It is an insult to it, a sickly bastardized ideology that has spread like a plague. It is best understood as a sickness that erodes and makes a society feeble, that turns one against their own self and own self-interest.
The regressive left is the inevitable conclusion of relativism intermixed with Christian remnants gone secular. It is the leftovers of Christianity, echos of it, gone secular. It is the theology minus the quality and potency. It is highly religious and puritanical, though in such a way it lacks both materialist or transcendent founding. It is purely discursive, but still has influence and power, because ideology permeates all.
There are five characteristics that constitute this sickly weakening of spirit; 1) the reduction of individual to categorized political identity. 2) overall dissolution due to relativism and passivity. 3) enforcement of slave morality that demonizes the strong and venerates the victim and weak. 4) the enforcement of guilt, shame, as punishment for ‘secular sins’ to coerce to mass conformity. 5)  in opposition to singular strength, the adoration of collective self-destruction in the name of secular martyrdom.

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