Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Importance Of Humility On The Right by THEODORE S. WEAVER

Any astute reader of the Old Testament can see numerous examples of groups or large clusters of people (such as cities or tribes) committing great transgressions against God. The biggest instance that comes to mind would be the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. Additionally, for those who scour through the prophets, we witness Israel itself falling into sin against God on multiple occasions.
If we shift our examination of a society’s sins from the Old Testament to today, we see the exact same patterns playing out. Whether it is our modern culture’s propensity to atheism, materialism, and all other forms of degeneracy, we are living in a time of great misconduct. A society-wide period of repentance of sorts is certainly in order following the Restoration.
As men of the Right, we have a tendency to embrace the Jeremiad. Everything around us literally is going to hell, and we definitively know reasons X, Y, and Z, for why that is, or at least have hypotheses A, B, and C, which require some testing. While many things, such as the problem of chronic kinglessness or the impossibility of assimilating an alien and openly hostile foreign horde into the modern West appear self-evident to us, the difficulty in convincing others about the truth or encouraging them to speak up is on par with the numerous prophets sent to warn Israel of their folly – in short, they don’t want to hear it.
This is not necessarily a problem, as we all know public opinion and the resultant ballot-boxing is not an effective way of securing effective and responsible governance. Yet too often do we lament the fallen state of Western Civilization that we miss the planks in our own eye. Even from a non-Christian perspective, this can turn into a grave problem, should we ignore it moving forward.
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