Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Desperate Revisionism of the Left GEORGE NEUMAYR

In possession of government power, liberals pompously invoke established customs. But once out of power, they immediately start breaking them. No sooner had they lost the White House than they returned to the primitive and infantile stance of 1960s-style radicals.
Liberalism is willfulness writ large. Its relationship to law and custom is determined not by fixed principle but by whatever liberals want at any given moment. Insofar as law and custom are useful to retaining power, liberals demand that others follow them. But the moment law and custom become an impediment to regaining power, they give themselves permission to violate them. The “ends” suddenly justify the means, and anyone who questions their bad behavior fails to see the “higher” good at stake.
Hillary spent much of the campaign harrumphing about Trump’s “horrifying” disdain for decorum and election-year proprieties. But in defeat, she and her aides have now exceeded whatever post-election pouting they claimed Trump would indulge. Their hypocrisy so far has been hapless, losing votes in recounts that they demanded and electors from an electoral college that they intimidated.
So much for the “temperament” of Hillary and her supporters. They alone, according to the media, had the “maturity” and “stability” to save a serene republic from Trump’s tantrums. Now they behave like demented flower children. Soon we will see them throwing pies, as they did during the Bush years, at government officials and holding endless “marches on Washington.”
Never far below the vestments of liberal establishment respectability lies the shabby attire of radicalism. Out come the obscene placards the moment liberals lose. In defeat, their rhetoric grows unruly and revolutionary, with old contempt for the “bourgeois” resurfacing in jeremiads against “talk radio” and “white privilege.” They grow more paranoid, blaming enemies, both foreign and domestic, for their loss of power.
In their mutterings about conservative FBI agents, Russian hackers, and a “basket of deplorables,” Bill and Hillary sound like the 1960s radicals and George McGovern campaign volunteers they once were. Back then, they blamed McGovern’s loss on Nixon’s appeals to “hard hats” and a populace too unenlightened to appreciate McGovern’s platform of acid, abortion, and amnesty. Not much has changed. According to Bill, Trump won because of his appeal to “angry white men.”
The revisionist spin they are putting on the race is laughable, given the lengths to which the ruling class went to pull Hillary across the finish line. She had all the advantages in the race — more money, more media, a Democratic establishment propping her up, a Republican establishment tearing Trump down. She had an attorney general and FBI director who saved her from indictment. She had endorsements from almost every newspaper coast to coast, multiple cable channels and networks functioning like adjuncts of her campaign, and Hollywood and academia churning out propaganda for her daily. And she still couldn’t win.
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