Monday, December 5, 2016

Study: Watching The News Causes Anti-Semitism By Brother Nathanael Kapner

TRY IT YOURSELF… open up any news page, let’s say for starters, The Washington Post, and every anti-Trump and pro-homosexual piece is authored by a Jew.
One’s eyes and modest sensibilities are at once struck by odious names like Ruth Marcus, Alex Wasserman, Anne Applebaum, Sara Horwitz, and Jennifer Rubin.
Yes, Jews, and they vomit out a steady stream of venom aimed at President Trump.
Then turn on your TV to CNN. Your eyes are gouged by the displeasing faces of Wolf Blitzer, Dana Bash (b. Dinah Ruth Schwartz), and Jack (Jacob) Tapper (Tapperman).
They’re all part of what Dr Kevin MacDonald calls the “culture of critique,” meaning that whatsoever is wholesome, meaningful, and of white Christian society, they’ll rip to pieces.
How about that once-upon-a-time White Anglo-Saxon Protestant journal, The Atlantic, now run by Jeffrey Goldberg and infested with a host of his fellow Jews?
Try finding a single upbeat piece, or a critique of Israel’s genocidal policies, or an exposure of the pernicious Jewish Lobby’s hold over Capitol Hill, and your ill-fated search ends in tragic despair. Alas! A disconsolate feeling seeps in and a depression sinks into your soul.
It’s true, many Gentiles are part of the journalistic swamp. But my study divides the world into two classes of people: Jews and the Goys who shill for them.

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