Monday, December 19, 2016

My Alt-Right Biography My Alt-Right Biography by Hunter Wallace

Editor’s Note: I wrote this biographical article to fill in some blanks for a journalist who is writing a book about the Alt-Right. There are a lot of those coming out next year.
I grew up in Eufaula, AL.
In hindsight, that fact alone seems to explain a lot about me. I had a normal childhood. I don’t recall ever having any negative experience that triggered a racial awakening. I wasn’t attracted to the movement by racial animosity. My life was pretty ordinary until my second year in college at Auburn University in 2001.
By then I already knew three things:
– First, I knew that race existed and that racial differences were real from growing up in the Alabama Black Belt. It wasn’t something that I thought much about. I had arrived at that conclusion from observation and experience. I found it strange that anyone could believe otherwise given the sheer weight of the evidence.
– Second, I understood the connection between racial identity and politics. In the Alabama Black Belt, elections are mere racial head counts which determine which racial group holds political power. This struck me as just another realistic observation about the world. All the happy talk about colorblindness and individualism is belied by the results that routinely play out in Alabama’s elections.
– Third, I knew that I had populist instincts. I identified with my people. I was already interested in exploring and learning more about their history.
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