Thursday, December 1, 2016

Four myths about the Russian economy

The absolute leader in the ranking of the most critical news last week was the statement that the drop in Russian incomes has ended. Reactions to this --  in general a banal statement based on official government statistics --  ranged from mild-to-aggressive irony and denial. 

This once again proves that expressing anything positive about the Russian economy in the public space is quite a risky business.

Looking at the Shuvalov interview Sunday on NTV, which discussed current economic problems and seeing the reaction to it, I came to the conclusion that it is time to talk about the negative myths about the Russian economy. [Igor Shuvalov - First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - tr.]

I've been here before. In December 2014 yours truly wrote a positive text on the prospects of the ruble, at the time when the media and social networks were discussing forecasts of the financial gnomes of the coming 150-ruble-dollar. I wrote about the conflict of European and American elites when everyone was sure that the "transatlantic partnership" was about to get signed, and "Europe - a staunch US poodle"; and I believed that Trump had a chance to win, as mainstream political scientists and sociologists had completely written him off.

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