Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Fool’s Conspiracy: Did Kurt Eichenwald Use Journalism to Shield Himself After Viewing Child Porn 22+ Times?

In the mid-2000s, former New York Times writer Kurt Eichenwald fell into disrepute after being caught paying a source $2,000 — money that the journalist claims he requested back — an additional $1,184 to that source via PayPal to acquire and download illicit images, and likely wired $1,000 more to the same source under a fraudulent name. That source, former child porn star Justin Berry, had become a cautionary tale of the perils of child pornography with Kurt Eichenwald being initially heralded as a hero who “saved” him.
What has not been reported until this time is that Mr. Eichenwald accessed illicit images of Mr. Berry (then an 18-year-old) and a 14-year-old young man masturbating at least 21 times over a seven day period from June 23–29, 2005 — a video that the now rehabilitated Newsweek Senior Writer claimed he had only viewed a single time with Justin Berry after the two met at LAX Airport on June 30 for journalistic purposes.
It has also gone unreported that Mr. Eichenwald proffered false testimony both in written statements and verbal testimony asserting that he had not identified himself to Mr. Berry until June 30, 2005 notwithstanding having sent the former child porn actor a check for $2,000 with his name on it on June 8, 2005.
Further that payment went to the production of the child pornography video (titled JustinPreview2) featuring the 14-year-old child masturbating side-by-side with Mr. Berry on June 9, 2005 (the following day) — with court records indicating that Berry withdrew $300 following the deposit of that check to pay the young man for his participation in the illicit video.
Not only did Mr. Eichenwald violate all bounds of journalistic standards, but he proceeded to convince Mr. Berry to flip state’s evidence on the same day — July 14 — that Eichenwald’s administrative account on the JustinFriends.com child porn site was deleted and all messages between Eichenwald and Berry were scrubbed from Mr. Berry’s computer.

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