Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ann Sterzinger: Guillaume Faye Does Fiction: Archeofuturism II

Archeofuturism II is a full-on future dystopia, predicting that the entire globalist civilization will collapse like a cheese-and-hummus soufflé by 2025.
June, 1914. Europe is at the height of her power, and summer enters proudly, ready to shine with all her fire. It’s the final summer of the Belle Epoque; the last beautiful days before the iron hurricane. And although international tensions continually unnerve the public mind, in high society, everyone is serene: this crisis will surely blow over like the rest, like the one in 1910, won’t it? The Kaiser will never go for war. He’s not mad!
—Guillaume Faye, Archeofuturism II
So! The leaders of the “liberal” democracies of Europe are sort of waking up to the fact that welcoming millions of carriers of an ideology that reviles you and your liberal democracy might not be the best way to run said racket. This has not been achieved without ceremonially scolding a fewGeert Wilders along the way—but at least Angela Merkel has realized she needs to cover her ass by calling for a jihad on cloth for heads, thereby relieving the fabric shortage caused by her ample Teutonic behind.
While the migrant crisis has been extreme enough to make it clear to pretty much any sentient being that Islam is incompatible with pretty much anything, the French journalist Guillaume Fayehas been saying so for long enough that he’s apparently  grown bored of writing essays about it, and has spun off into science fiction instead.
Faye is perhaps best-known these days for Archeofuturism, a book-length 1999 essay (re-released by Arktos in 2010) that predicted the cataclysmic end of our technological age. The end times will be brought about by a “convergence of catastrophes,” both ecological and economic, facilitated by the globalist attempt to smush incompatible cultures together just for shits and giggles (or divide and conquer). He predicts the collapse will bring about a return to a patriarchal, pastoral, medieval-type society—that’s the “archeo” in the term archeofuturism—letting loose the mead-horn-swinging man’s world that is only ever barely fettered by civilisation anyway. The feminised civilisation that can’t help trying to mother bearded 10-year-olds has dug its own grave.

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