Friday, November 18, 2016

USA drops bags of money in Russia that vanish without a trace

USA drops bags of money in Russia that vanish without a trace. 59278.jpeg

It is no secret that the United States uses a variety of levers to control social and political life of other countries of the world. Financial support for civil societies of the countries, which the US establishment chose as a zone of strategic interests, is one of those tools.

The USA's financial assistance for the "support of democratic foundations of the world," gives the US an opportunity to penetrate into the countries of Europe and Asia. It is not surprising that Russia appears to be a priority objective for the US State Department, as evidenced by the annual financial report from the department.

In 2016, the US State Department, which performs the function of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, has taken on Russia for the first time in five years. The annual financial report from the US State Department includes Russia on the top ten list of the countries, where the USA sends impressive amounts of money for different types of subversive activities that include propaganda. Noteworthy, the report reflects financial investment on the line of embassies.

 According to the US State Department, the mission of the United States is to build a prosperous, just and democratic world, as well as to maintain acceptable conditions for stability and progress to the benefit of the American people and people around the world.
The United States will be better prepared for challenges of tomorrow by investing in common security and prosperity. Every year, the US State Department allocates about 585 million dollars for the sake of world democracy and stability. As it turns out, a significant part of this money was used for building democracy in Russia.
The fact that Russia has been included in the top ten countries, in which the State Department supports "democracy," may mean that Washington is ready to "conduct a dialogue" with Russia, even though the top political leadership of the United States has referred to Russia before as an "isolated country," whose economy was "in tatters."
In last year's report, Russia was mentioned only once, in conjunction with the Islamic State.

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