Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trump U - Taki's Magazine - Steve Sailer

Donald Trump is not the most scholarly American, but he could do education a bit of good.
It’s not even all that necessary for Trump to appoint effective administrators to key roles in the Department of Education and in the civil rights division of the Department of Justice. Simply get rid of the Obama bureaucrats actively orchestrating with The New York Times their mutual jihads against common sense in schools.
For example, Trump could name Haven Monahan as undersecretary in charge of the campus rape culture crisis that spawned the Rolling Stone UVA hoax and that would be better for America than the Obamacrat currently in the job.
Likewise, a Trump Administration could merely cease the current regime’s culture war against local school districts over distractions such as transgender supremacy, as exemplified by the 2016 “Dear Colleagues” letter jointly sent by the Department of Education and Department of Justice demanding that boys who claim to be girls be allowed to shower in the girls’ locker room.
The president not wanting to deal with school bathrooms is one reason we have a federal system. Let states worry about that. If the states don’t want that hassle, let school districts handle it. If districts don’t want to touch it, principals can make the call.
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