Thursday, November 17, 2016

Therapies for President Trump Derangement Syndrome

I try on this blog to keep everyone abreast of the latest trends in psychotherapy. I am sure that you are all dying to know.

Nowadays when many therapists and many of their patients are overwhelmed with existential dread over the election of the Donald, the need for therapy seems to have become more pronounced. And the inability of therapists to do very much more than whine has become even more pronounced.

To be fair, in many cases, they excel at it. They worked long and hard to learn how to do it. So, let’s show some minimal respect.

Therapists who want their patients to get in touch with their feelings are not equipped to deal with patients who are drowning in their feelings. Therapists who are woefully uninformed about political and historical realities are incapable of offering any real perspective.

In the meantime both patients and therapists seem to believe that they do best to make public spectacles of their anguish. They do not understand that making a fool of yourself in public does not alleviate your suffering. It aggravates it. Grow up, people!

As I have noted before, college students in particular are doing the most to damage their reputations. Within a year or two or three they will all be out in the real world looking for jobs. When an interviewer asks them what they learned in college, or better how they learned how to deal with failure and adversity, are they going to explain that they retire to a safe space to suck on lollipops?

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