Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Millennial Tantrums Signal a Huge Boomer Parenting Fail BY MEGAN FOX

How did we get here? There are 18-year-olds (in other words, grown-ass adults) curled up in the fetal position in collegiate safe spaces rocking and crying because their favorite candidate lost an election. I'm not making this up or exaggerating for effect. Here is the evidence.

They're having cry-ins (which are supposed to be like sit-ins except lamer, with crying, coloring books, and lattes on hand to assuage the feelings of the perpetually offended). This new turn of American sensibilities makes me want to start a petition to change the lyrics of the National Anthem to the "land of the free and the home of the ... oh f*** it." Let's just turn ourselves over to the Chinese already. We don't deserve our independence when the next generation coming to rule us all needs a softie and a nap when handed disappointment.
What have you done, parents? I'm speaking to the parents of the current college-aged child. What have you done? Was it the participation trophies? The helicoptering? Never letting them lose? I want to know so that I do not make the same mistake when raising my own young brood. Like most things the Boomers unleashed on the world, their millennial children are profoundly despicable, immature, entitled, privileged, volatile, ignorant brats intent on getting their way despite rules, laws, and the rights of others.

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