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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Leonard Cohen died in his sleep after falling in Los Angeles home, manager reveals

Leonard Cohen was 82 when he died on Nov. 7.
LOS ANGELES — Singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen died in his sleep after falling in the middle of the night at his Los Angeles home, his manager said Wednesday.
“The death was sudden, unexpected and peaceful,” manager Robert B. Kory said in a statement.
The details from Kory provided the first glimpse of how Cohen died. No cause was given last week in the initial announcement of his death.
The statement also said that Cohen died on Nov. 7 — three days before his passing was made public.
The singer, songwriter and poet behind Hallelujah, Bird on a Wire and Suzanne was 82 when he died. Cohen had been in declining health for much of the year, although he revealed few details.
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