Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I am Lawrence Murray, Alt-Right blogger, TRS columnist. AMA


Here are some questions and answers from the Reddit AMA I did on r/altright:
Which thinkers have had the greatest influence on you personally?
Well I like to think I am unique and original but to name a few authors, Lothrop Stoddard, Gregory Hood, Greg Johnson, Guillaume Faye, the goyim at TRS, and the /pol/ of a few years ago.
 New to the altright and have some questions on how you guys believe. Do you think that Hitler’s “Final Solution” was a good idea? Not judging just genuinely curious. Also, do you personally believe that we should continue to fund Israel as much as we are?
I think (((they))) should have been deported, and it is an awful tragedy that the conditions of the two-front war made such schemes impossible.
The only reason to ever send Israel money would be as part of a Jewish resettlement program, but even then if you had the power to enact such a program you probably wouldn’t need to bribe.
 I think you mean to ask if genocide is a good thing. We have a lot of National Socialists here that don’t agree with conventional history on the holocaust. Answer: no. Dumb question.
Genocide is not something anyone should advocate for. That being said, memes that belittle the guilt narrative created by the Holocaust legend cycle are fair game.
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