Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fixing the Chicago Tribune Headline: Four Blacks, Who Shouted "Don't Vote Trump," Arrested for Attempted Lynching of White Male

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Remember the white guy who was attacked by a pack of n--gers in Chicago reminiscent of the frightening lynch-mob Mel Gibson once warned his estranged Russian girlfriend about? 

Come on, you remember. 

The pack of blacks spent the entire video yelling at some white guy they were attacking in broad daylight about how he had voted for Donald Trump, almost insinuating the violence was predicated upon his decision to utilize the franchise for a candidate they found objectionable. 

This pack of blacks even stole the white guys car. 
These black individuals were involved in a racial mob attack on a white male in Chicago. During the lynching, they yelled "Get the Trump voter."

Well, now four of these blacks have been arrested in the racial assault the Chicago Tribunefails to note was... a racial assault. [Four held after man beaten following car crash as bystanders yelled anti-Trump taunts, Chicago Tribune, 11-18-16]:
Four people have been charged after a man was punched and kicked as a crowd yelled, “Don’t vote Trump’’ a day after the presidential election, police said. 
Julian Christian, 26, of the 2500 block of 14th Avenue in Broadview, Dejuan Collins, 20, of the 9500 block of South Avalon Avenue in Chicago, Rajane Lewis, 21, of the 7800 block of South Euclid Avenue in Chicago, and a 17-year-old girl who is charged as a juvenile, were each charged with one felony count of Vehicular Hijacking, police said.
A video of the incident went viral and the victim, 49-year-old David Wilcox, acknowledged he supports Donald Trump but said that's not what started the beating on the West Side. 

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