Friday, November 18, 2016

Cuckolding fetish relationships: Men wanting partners to sleep with other men reaches new high

It’s a fact that Jews control the media. It’s also a fact that throughout recent history, it’s been Jews pushing sexual debauchery upon the West. Normalizing sodomite relationships and marriage is one example. Another is the current effort to normalize pedophiles and pedophilia.
This “news” story shows that a reporter had to write about something and so manufactured a story out of almost nothing. It’s a sign, though, that normalizing adultery is next on the Jewish list of perversions to be promoted to the guillable goy.
A self-confessed cuckold has revealed how he gives his wife ‘points’ based on the sexual acts she carries out with other men – one of the thousands of males turned on by one of society’s most taboo subjects.
The fetish of cuckolding – where men allow other men to have sexual relationships with their wives – is on the rise.
The cause of the rise isn’t clear, but psychologists have suggested everything from repressed male bisexuality to men being proud of their wives’ liberated sexuality.
Online communities dedicated to the topic are booming, with Google searches for the fetish peaking this week, having more than doubled in the past 12 years.
One man explained how he’d been married to his wife for two years before confessing that he fantasised about watching her with another man.
Meanwhile a married woman detailed how her husband even texted her messages of encouragement when she was trying to seduce the man they’d agreed on.
“I called my husband that night shaking like a leaf,” the woman admits. “Not only was he ecstatic, he wanted details, photos (none taken), and the whole story when he got home. When he got home, I told him everything and it aroused him so much, we had amazing sex.”
Six months down the line, the woman says she is happy having a husband and a boyfriend.

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