Thursday, October 6, 2016

Rebels continue massacring west Aleppo civilians amidst MSM supportive silence By Izat Charkatli

Aleppo, Syria (7:14 P.M.) - Just a day after the brutal targeting of the University of Aleppo that left over a dozen students between dead and injured, the jihadist rebels would up the ante recklessly targeting the densely populated district of Jamiliyah.
As of now, at least ten civilians were confirmed killed while 74 were injured, many of whom were fatally injured.
As the western-backed jihadist rebels continue to escalate their indiscriminate attacks on populated government-held neighborhoods in Aleppo, the international media continues its legacy of eery silence in the face of rebel war crimes; all the while demonizing the Syrian government's military operation in east Aleppo that aims to liberate the electric and water facilities that supply the 1.5 million civilians living in the western part of the city.
On a separate note, the UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura pleaded with the leaders of the Al-Qaeda franchise "Jabhat Fath al-Sham" to abandon the city in order that no more civilians become victims of the violent clashes between the government troops and the aforementioned terrorist group.
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