Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Our Problem is not with “Liberals”

We in the Alt Right should pat ourselves on the back for giving the reading public a more meaningful vocabulary with which to describe what looks more and more like the dystopia around them. Our political problems are much better understood through the prism of race and ethnicity than “liberal” and “conservative” labels.  That old dichotomy has become irrelevant, yet many still cling to it.
To be clear, I find liberals to be exasperating in their political views, and generally avoid extended conversation with them.  But not a few of them are likely driven by pathological altruism, which, however mischievous in its effects, springs from a good instinct.  So I’m not ready to dehumanize them to the extent that we see in mainstream conservative media.
Whenever we see some type of Black Lives Matter outrage of violence against a hapless White, the reaction from your average conservative is something like, “Well, there go liberals, they’re the ones who are really violent.” Let’s call itDemocrats are the real criminals, an aberration of “Democrats are the real racists.”  Can it be that they really miss the most obvious quality of the attacker? They don’t really imagine that a Starbucks-swigging upper middle-class White liberal is “the real criminal.”
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