Friday, October 21, 2016

LIFESTYLE Standing Next To an Ugly Person Makes You More Attractive, Study Finds

It’s time to search for uglier buddies: A recent study revealed that  the phenomenon known as the “ugly friend effect” may actually be real.
The research, conducted by Dr. Nicholas Furl of London’s University of Royal Holloway, proved that people are determined to be more or less attractive by others depending on how ugly or attractive the person standing beside them looks, reports International Business Times.
Furl, whose study was published in Psychological Science, stated on Friday that when individuals are photographed next to an ugly friend, they will be perceived to be more beautiful or more handsome to the “beholder”.
In his research, Furl tasked 40 participants to rate pictures of different faces for attractiveness using two different conditions.
For the first instance, the researcher asked the participants to provide scores for the attractiveness level of individuals who were shown to be alone.
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