Friday, October 21, 2016

At Crime Night Out in 80% Black Selma, Alabama, Black Youth Rap "Put the Guns Down” in a Fruitless Bid to End Black on Black Violence

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There's literally nothing funnier in the world than what's happening in presently 80 percent black Selma, Alabama. 

Remember: it is this city that presently serves as the moral compass for America, guiding us in a direction few dare criticize for it would mean those white cops who dared stand for law and order on the Edmund Pettus Bridge back in 1965 are the actual heroes in the Selma Saga. 

Every year, politicians, academicians, actors/actresses, celebrities, and other pitchmen and purveyors of modernity flock to Selma to walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in a show of solidarity against white people; and, hilariously, once the cameras leave and every last ounce of moral virtue can be harvested from the march, the majority black residents of Selma get back to robbing, shooting, and killing one another (they do all of this when they aren't busy turning the city into just another representation of Africa in America). 

Take in point, this story. [Hundreds attend crime night out, Selma Times Journal, 10-13-16]:
Several hundred people attended the city of Selma’s Crime Night Out Thursday at the Selma Amphitheater. The Selma Police Department, Selma Fire Department, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, CARE Ambulance and more first responders used the special night to interact with the community. “[The event is] very important for the youth. Right now, they need guidance. 
 We’ve dropped the ball, a lot of us as parents, but as far as getting the message to the young kids, that’s what we need to do,” said James Johnson, who attended the event. 
“Having a gathering like this means a lot, coming together as one.” The Selma High School band performed, along with the Selma High cheerleaders, Selma High choir and Concordia College Alabama’s band.  
Representatives from several city departments were on hand with posters and information to talk to people in the community. “I’m out here to have fun,” Johnson said. “I had to see my grandson perform, Trey Johnson, they did a rap song “Put the Guns Down” which in Selma, that’s what we need to do.”
Before white rule/white civilization was overwhelmed, was it ever necessary for a Selma where "Jim Crow" was present to have black children sing songs about black people "Putting the Guns Down" to end the scourge of black-on-black crime? 

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