Thursday, September 22, 2016

Yakov Germanov Why I Left America for Good

“Whether you are ‘racist’ or not, if your city, town, region or country becomes fractured and demographically disparate, it will degrade in real time before your eyes. Trust will be gone. Racism and tension flourishes. Authoritarianism is needed to ‘balance’ the crime and tension and violence. Is that the kind of future anyone wants, simply to appeal to a fake ideal? To the lie of multiculturalism?”
I left America for many reasons; the largest reasons were the anti-white political correctness and the mass immigration. There are many, many other reasons I left as well — but these are the first and foremost. The others are really secondary or tertiary in my impetus to leave.
I’ve lived in Russia now for 2 years, and I’ve rarely traveled outside my home city, Astrakhan, and Moscow. Recently, I took a short vacation 6 hours up the Volga to a little town called Volgograd — which westerners may know by the famous name “Stalingrad” the site of the bloodiest battle in Human history. The city has been renamed because Stalin isn’t politically correct anymore, but the Soviet monuments and museums still do stand, and I wanted to see them, being so close and needing a break from Astrakhan.
My train to Volgograd was peaceful. Quiet, calm, relaxing — it was a sleepy European city. When we arrived we went to the famous “motherland calls” statue that commemorates the battle and lives lost. We then went into town, and traveled around to our apartment for rent, and settled in.
Later, a walk through the town was pleasant and quiet. We noticed something increasingly; it was much more peaceful than astrakhan, nicer, newer, more modern, greener even — and far cleaner and more orderly. It truly felt like Europe used to feel ten or more years ago.
During the trip I kept remarking to my girlfriend that this town was so nice. The people were so nice. And we also noted there were more white people. It is not politically incorrect to discuss this openly in Russia, so we did so. She noted that people seemed much kinder, more trusting, more open and helpful.
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