Friday, September 16, 2016

Top Five Bullshit Holocaust Denial Arguments That Just Won’t Die by DAVID COLE STEIN

These idiotic talking points just won’t die. It’s been 26 years since I first stepped upon the public stage on this topic, and damned if I still don’t see these moronic denial “arguments” circulating like crazy among the crazies. If you have fallen for any of these stupid assertions, it doesn’t mean you’re stupid – yet. It just means that you have not heard the Word of Dave, and none who have not heard the Word shall be condemned for their unknowing. However, after reading this, if you STILL champion the following claims, you are a tard. A regular I Am Sam. A Rain Man, a Simple Jack, a Gilbert Grape’s brother.
1) There couldn’t a’ been no six million dead, ‘cuz there wuz only about 200,000 Jews in Germany when the dang war began.
Indeed, by the end of 1939, there were fewer than 300,000 Jews in Germany. If you think this means the figure of Holocaust dead must therefore be under 300,000, you’re not very bright. Germany INVADED and occupied other nations, meathead. The final tally of Jewish dead (which is indeed under six million, but still in the millions) is mainly made up of Jews from Poland, occupied Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, the Baltic states, etc. If you really, truly think WWII was fought solely on German soil and only involved German victims, you are incurably dense. Beyond repair. The irony is, someone like you would have been euthanized as feeble-minded by the Nazis themselves.
2) There couldn’t a’ been no six million dead, ‘cuz there wuzn’t even no six million Jews in Europe at the time!
Wrong again, Cletus. At the January 1942 Wannsee conference, the Nazis themselves put the total of Jews in Europe at “over 11,000,000.” This is unquestionably too high. Plus, it included Jewish populations not under German control (England, Sweden, Switzerland). In early 1943, Himmler’s statistician Richard Korherr gave a more precise figure of 10.3 million Jews for all of Europe in 1937. In his report, Korherr underscored the difficulty of getting an exact count, and more recent attempts have put the pre-war number at closer to 9.5 million. But still, well above six million.

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