Thursday, September 1, 2016

Teaching White Nationalism in a Chinese University


I am employed as a language and history teacher (I have my Master’s degree in English and my Ph.D. in Japanese History) at a major public university in China. I was assigned to teach a number of courses, including English, to undergraduate students and graduate students alike, and Japanese contemporary history and German contemporary and modern history to undergraduate students. What is noteworthy and relevant to this article is a special English intensive reading course I gave to a special elite class of second year undergraduate students, which I meticulously designed and prepared and gave a quite distinctive name: A Guided Reading of Advanced and Selected English Essays.

As I am an absolutely staunch and unswerving National Socialist, an advocate of White Nationalism and racialism, and a man totally awakened to and aware of the “Jewish Question,” I had been ready and eager to select some high quality, provocative, dynamite reading materials for my Chinese students and give them heavy doses of a sound National Socialist worldview, traditional Western political philosophies, and an overview of Western history and politics to shatter their supposedly mass media-influenced, naïve, and starry-eyed views and reshape them when given the task of teaching this particular course.

The outline of my course, which has just concluded for this semester with an open-book final examination, is as follows: Out of hundreds of fine articles I have read here at Counter-Currents and other similar White Nationalist sites, I selected the following seven , taking into account factors including the content, the length, and the interest of modern Chinese college students. I then guided the students through reading them, instructing and explaining not only historical, political, philosophical, and cultural facts and ideas, but also English grammar, idioms, vocabulary, and sentence patterns.

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