Friday, September 23, 2016

Russian Hackers - Russia's Most Powerful and Invincible Weapon

Our Hackers - Our Keepers

Amidst the ruins of the information war online warriors turn into Stavka's main "reserve"

Whilthe crimson eye of Big Brother towers above the world, burning through the souls of billions of people, swift hackers, these nameless loners, following the biblical wisdom about all the secrets that will be revealed, challenge this bloodthirsty monster. Without fear of reprisals and threats, they rush into unequal battle with a monster, attacking his weak points on their computer "hawks", penetrating, losing soldiers, into his Holy of Holies, granting mankind hope for deliverance from the totalitarian oppression of information slavery. The shaken evil retreats, covered in wounds and holes through which shine the beams of victorious light of liberated truth.

Isn't that how the frequent attacks of anonymous hackers, revealing the secrets of global directorate one after another appear? Here we have the hackers and the monster. Last week the global and Russian news cycle blew up with at least three scandals exposing global backstage masters, hardened in their ostentatious hypocrisy.

The first story was about the hacking group "Fancy Bear" hacking the server of the World Anti-Doping Agency, which revealed that the first doping villains on the planet are exactly those who most loudly blamed Russia - the Americans and the British. All that they needed for "legitimate" doping was a doctor's note and WADA's collaboration. In response, the agency could not come up with anything better than to act as an ancient satrap, executing the inauspicious messenger: instead of repentance for complicity in doping of a number of global sports celebrities - all asthmatics deprived of adult affection in childhood, they hung all the dogs on the hackers who brought the bad news.

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