Thursday, September 22, 2016

Making up the news: How the Western media misreported the Syrian convoy attack BY ALEXANDER MERCOURIS

Instead of making a real effort to find out the truth of what actually happened to the Syrian aid convoy the Western media preferred to repeat whatever the US and the Jihadis told them as if it was true.

The story of the attack on the humanitarian convoy in Syria is a case study in the collapse of journalistic standards and ethics.
I do not know who attacked the convoy in northern Aleppo.  However I note that the Syrians and the Russians have publicly and categorically denied having done so. 
By contrast the US has stopped short of publicly identifying either the Syrians or the Russians as the perpetrators of the attack on the convoy, though they have said that it was attacked in an air strike and that only the air forces of one or other of these countries must have done it.  They have also said that the Russians bear “responsibility” for the attack on the convoy, even if it was the Syrians rather than the Russians who did it.
Instead of the US publicly identifying who they say attacked the convoy, two US officials are doing  so anonymously, in comments to the BBC and Reuters, spreading a story of two Russian SU24 fighter bombers supposedly being seen in the air (by whom?) in the area of the convoy.  These same two unnamed US officials are also claiming that the attack on the convoy was revenge for the US air strike on the Syrian troops defending Deir Ezzor.
Given the choice between straightforward public and categorical statements of denial from the Syrians and the Russians, and elliptical semi-secret off-the-record insinuations of Russian guilt from the US, the Western media without hesitation preferred the elliptical semi-secret off-the-record insinuations of Russian guilt from the US.  As a result it was reporting all of yesterday as fact that it was the Russian air force which attacked the convoy.
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