Sunday, September 11, 2016

It’s Time To Counter Western And Islamic Mythmaking


Every civilisation has its own distinctiveness because it has its own geography, its own lifestyle, its own history and its own vichardhaara or way of thinking, which has evolved by itself.
The sad thing is that when these invasions started there was no unified response.
The whole history of the Church is about spreading the religion, and abusing and killing people.
This is first of a two-part interview with best-selling Indian-American author and Hindu rights activist Rajiv Malhotra, who has influenced many by providing a non-Western and nationalistic view of India and Hinduism.
Malhotra was in India to promote his new book Academic Hinduphobia, which is a collection of essays critiquing Western Indology and discussing a wide range of challenges confronting Hinduism, India and the world.
His earlier works include Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian Faultlines (Co-authored with Swarajya contributing editor Aravindan Neelakandan), 2011, Being Different, 2011, Indra’s Net, 2014, and The Battle for Sanskrit, 2016.
Speaking to Manish Pant, he dealt with a series of issues ranging from Buddhism and its impact on Hindus, the Indian way of thinking, teaching Arthashastra and Sanskrit to youngsters, evangelical myth-making and a possible Indian Renaissance.
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