Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hey Jared, Jews May Look White, But They Sure Don’t Act White! By Dr. Patrick Slattery

 Jared Taylor of American Renaissance recently gave an interview to a Swiss radio host in which he discussed race and crime statistics. As usual, he spoke very eloquently about the race issue. Unfortunately, as usual he completely left out the Jewish role, instead blaming curiously suicidal white leftists as the culprits.
Yes, there are many white liberals who have been brainwashed into celebrating the demographic demise of the white race, but increasingly you are seeing the same trend among conservatives. Politicians and media personalities identified with “the right” in America have become just about as likely to promote all aspects of multiculturalism and the benefits of “diversity” as those on the left. How many times did we hear Jeb Bush or John Kasich or Marco Rubio (or that creepy senator from Texas whose name must forever remain unspoken) say that we are a nation of immigrants? Didn’t Glenn Beck hold his big rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in explicit imitation of Saint Martin Luther King?
Kevin MacDonald, Andrew Joyce, David Duke, and many others have documented the Jewish role in passing the 1965 Immigration Act, in promoting the civil rights movement and welfare system that allows for black dependency, and especially the domination of academia and the media that are the very vehicles of brainwashing society.
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