Thursday, September 8, 2016


Most people who follow current events have heard of George Soros, the multi-billionaire currency speculator who has dedicated his life to the cause of weakening the sovereignty of nations. Something most dear to Soros’ heart – in pursuit of his dream to make national borders meaningless—is massive uncontrolled immigration.
To further this globalist agenda, Soros founded the Open Society Foundations (OSF), an international grantmaking network. And what are some of the specific tasks that OSF undertakes? Just recently the computer hacker group DC Leaks exposed the organization’s inner workings by hacking and publishing 2,500 OSF documents going back to 2008.
The documents reveal that the “extensive networks” of the OSF successfully pressured the Obama Administration to increase our country’s admission of refugees to 100,000 a year. It also attempted to sway the Supreme Court, through amicus briefs and media strategy, to uphold President Obama’s unilateral declaration of amnesty for illegal aliens. OSF has used its influence to strike down laws requiring voters to show IDs to prove they are citizens. A project discussed for possible funding was a smear campaign against Americans opposed to Soros’ goals.
A memo by two OSF staffers states that the current crisis of migration “presents new opportunities for reforming migration governance at the global level.” It further stated that this crisis now seen in Europe is the “new normal” and sharply criticized people in receiving countries who oppose it. The memo labeled such people “intolerant” and stressed the need to combat their influence.
One would think that revelations of this kind would stir some interest, if not outrage, in our mainstream media. But they have acted as if it never happened. This inaction at least suggests that many in our media may agree with what the OSF is doing and don’t want to report it for fear of causing a public backlash. Without a doubt, they would be indignant if a billionaire opposed to mass immigration set up an operation like the OSF.
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