Monday, September 26, 2016

Feminists Say It's 'Racist And Sexist' for Italians to Have Italian Babies by Chris Menahan

According to feminists, asking Italian women to have babies with Italian men to reverse their nation's low birthrate is "racist" and "sexist." 

From USA Today:
ROME — Italy launched a program Thursday aimed at reversing one of the world’s lowest birthrates, but the first “Fertility Day” produced a backlash with charges of sexism, racism and comparisons to wartime dictator Benito Mussolini.

The Ministry of Health campaign focuses on measures to combat sterility, butcausing the most uproar was the part encouraging women to think about having children earlier in life.

One ad, for example, showed a smug pregnant woman holding an hourglass with a tagline that reads, “Beauty doesn’t have an age. Fertility does.” Another showed the outline of a long-beaked bird reading, “Hurry up! Don’t wait for the stork.”
Asking women to have babies when it's biologically most prudent to do so? 

Wow. Just wow. 

In 2016?

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