Thursday, September 22, 2016

Esoteric Populism: The Cry For A New Elite by HANNIBAL BATEMAN


Populism has long been a dirty word to neoreactionaries, but this disdain misses a certain hidden element to populist movements, one that at its core sows the seeds for building a new elite and restoring hierarchy.  There is an esoteric element to populism we ought to keep in mind and exploit for our own goals.
Reading a hidden meaning into mass movements at first seems counterintuitive, or even contradictory, but there is a hidden meaning and recognizing it will move us out of our egalitarian-multicultural swamp and towards a properly ordered society.
Ultimately, all of history is made by elites. As noted in classic neoreactionary theory, populist uprisings are largely explainable as artificially-powered opposition movements fueled by intra-elites or elites from other states, in order to play with the balance of power.
Often times, in this sort of proxy war, elites simply exploit building resentment among certain groups. That is, they often co-opt real and genuine sentiment and pervert it to achieve their own aims.

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