Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Why Slobodan Milošević Was Demonized By The West: Incredibly Accurate Predictions From 2001

In a recent article here we reviewed the recent findings of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.  We saw how the tribunal finally cleared Milošević of the accusations that had been heaped against him by the Western press for over two decades.
This article is “part two” the first Milošević article.
The question to be asked is:  why was he demonized in the first place?  Whose interest or interests did it serve?  Were there larger programs and plans at work?
I received this Tweet today:
We found out 20 years later they were lying about Milosevic. They're doing the same lying about Assad now @HKX07@snarwani @Souria4Syrians
@QuintusCurtius What the real reason for demonizing Milosovic? What was the globalist objective?
The short answer, of course, is that it served the purposes and interests of the West.  I recently came across a very perceptive and–as it turns out–incredibly prescient article on this subject.  The article was written in  2001 by Nico Varkevisser and Jared Israel, and it predicts precisely the trajectory of US policies towards the republics of the  former Soviet Union.

It not only explains in detail the reasons for Milošević’s portrayal in the West as the new Hitler, but it also sheds a good deal of light on the reasons behind Washington’s policies today in the Russian spheres of influence.  Current events in the Middle East, the Ukraine, and other places make much more sense when viewed through the prism of the points raised below.
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