Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What’s the Matter With Wisconsin? by Steve Sailer

The celebrated Black Lives Matter movement chalked up another riot over the weekend, this time in Milwaukee.
A black cop shot an armed black criminal and much passive-voice news reporting ensued. The New York Times wrote, for example:
Like many of his neighbors, Dominic A. Lebourgeois was in disbelief on Sunday at the level of violence that descended on his Sherman Park neighborhood the previous evening.
In other words, several hundred blacks burned automobiles and looted buildings, including a cell phone store. A beauty salon was stripped of its hair extensions and then torched.
(This wasn’t even the first riot in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood this summer. In late June riot police had to drive off 100 youths throwing rocks.)
The dead man, Sylville Smith, was not an upstanding citizen, as his social-media presence demonstrated. He had been arrested nine times since 2011. He had been charged with witness intimidation but had been released due to the witness being properly intimidated.
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