Monday, August 8, 2016

Time for Truth for Black America by Zacharius Vantevius Jackson

My brothers. My sisters.

It behooves me to speak to you as I will, but the truth must be told and heard for only the truth can set us free. Before we free ourselves from the chains of tyranny, we must free ourselves from the chains of ignorance and denial. A man can be politically free but still a slave spiritually. A man can have all the social liberties but still be locked inside the prison of blind ignorance. We black folks have gained social, political, and legal freedoms, but we remain slaves because we have yet to face the truth. It is time for us to unveil these truths and examine them with utmost honesty.

First truth is that we as a people are weak. By ‘weak’, I don’t mean the power of brawn. There are plenty of black men and women with trophies in sports. There is no lack of blacks with guns in the military or in the hood. A man is essentially a moral, intellectual, and spiritual being, and when I say we are ‘weak’, I mean we as a people have yet to gain autonomy and integrity in the realm of the heart and mind. After all, beasts of burden are far stronger than the strongest man, but they are weak of mind, therefore controlled and manipulated by man. Just as the mind controls the body, it is the clever, cunning, and intelligent who control the stupid, childish, and ignorant. A single bull has the power of two dozen men, but a single man on horseback has control over the entire cattle.

We black folks measure strength by how fast we can run, how high we can jump, and how loud we can shout that we have lost sight of the higher power based on the honesty of thought, courage of truth, and integrity of values. We think we are on top just because some loud–mouthed rapper with bling around his neck, pants hanging low and baring his ass, arms around loose women, and gun wrapped in fingers shining with rings happens to be promoted by the media as the face of ‘cool’ black America. We think we are masters of the world because a handful of black athletes sign million dollar contracts while so many of our sons and daughters remained mired in poverty and debauchery. And it’s not essentially a matter of material poverty because, after all, even the poor in America eat, dress, and are housed better than most people around the world. No, the real poverty of black America is moral and spiritual. It is intellectual. It is to be expected when so many black homes don’t have a single book in the house. Not a single book. The fathers go missing, and the mothers(biological but hardly cultural or moral), look to junk on TV and trash on the internet for inspiration.

How did things come to be so? Why did we, as a people, allow it be so? These are the questions we need to raise. These are the issues we must confront. And the blame must not only go to the white man(or the Jewish man, the Mexican man, the Asian man, the homosexual man, and so on) but to ourselves for we’ve too often been looking for scapegoats to absolve ourselves of our dereliction of duty.

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