Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Week That Perished - Jim Goad

Students at a middle school near Savannah, GA were deep-fried in cultural enrichment last week when a worksheet was handed out asking them to translate the following dialogue into proper English:
“Yo dog I’m tired of getting punked by the po po for sportin my bling bling”
“True dat! You know they be trippin’ cause our gear is da bomb. I mean we all that and a bag of chips!”
In our role as cultural liaisons here at Taki’s Mag, we will spare you the bother of attempting the translation. Here’s what these young urban youths were saying:
“Hello there, my friend. It wearies me to face the constant harassment of law enforcement merely because I dress in expensive clothing and jewelry.”
“You speak the truth. You must realize that our fabulous attire causes them a great deal of consternation. We are exceptional human beings.”
God bless the American educational system.
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