Wednesday, August 3, 2016


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My fundamental belief is that the major social change of our time is the end of the Bourgeois Era that began in late Medieval Europe. This is not (as McCloskey would argue) mainly because the “clerisy” (experts and intellectuals and artists) like Piketty argue against the Bourgeoisie and oppose capitalism. It is not because (as various Neo-Reactionaries argue)  a democratic system will always, out of demagogic greed, kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. It is instead because of the fundamental logic of late-stage capitalism and technological change, combined with the range of characteristics of global humanity, brought now together after many millennia apart.
That is, the Bourgeois Era allowed and required men (and then women) to work within the market system to support their families, but a changing technology of production means we are more in need of consumers than producers now. The Bourgeois Era benefited from people who were in some ways “bred for capitalism,” by the combination of Malthusian circumstances and strong states that punished violence with violence and starved the children of those who couldn’t make a living with market labor. But the majority of the people on the planet did not go through that same, centuries-long process, which was only partially effective in the places it operated in any case.
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