Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The Coming Legitimacy Crisis

The wrecking ball that is the Trump campaign has already smashed through the Republican Establishment and “movement conservatism.” The next target is the System itself. And this requires blowing apart the indispensable support of the occupying government—the lying press.
Ezra Klein (Is there an echo in here?) says the election is not between Left and Right but between “normal” and “abnormal,” which explains the media’s increasing willingness to dispense with objectivity and openly attack Trump. More importantly, Klein admits that the press is “afraid” of Trump because he “is a threat to the free press as an institution.”
Of course, the “free press” is anything but. As we are learning from the Soros leaks, the Narrative of White dispossession promoted by the lying press is simply a product, bought and paid for. Western reporters scream for citizens who criticize mass immigration to be jailed. The Fourth Estate acts as an instrument of repression, serving the interests of those in power, hunting down dissidents and comforting the comfortable.
Journalism is about as “subversive” as late-night comedy. Reporters are enforcers for the political and cultural regime. And certain journalists can be explicitly identified as morally culpable for everything we face.
The lying press is screeching because Trump calls reporters “liars” and “scum” at his rallies, and his supporters are taking notice. One attendee was taking photographs of people in the press pen at a recent Trump rally, leading to kvetching from the journalists about the lèse-majesté of a random citizen doing the same thing they do to Trump’s voters.

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