Monday, August 22, 2016

On the Inside Looking out- A Jew in the Alt-Right

On social media, I am often asked: “As a Jewish person, why would you identify with the Alt-right, aren’t they anti-Semitic?” I understand why people would ask, and why they see the alt-right as they do. To answer, I need to ask a question of my own:
What is antisemitism?
I favor Rothbard’s definition, slightly modified: an anti-Semite is someone who wants Jews subjected to legal sanction of some kind, as well as those who call for violence against us, qua Jews. This definition won’t help the mental tranquility of liberal Jews and Trump critics, seeing a deluge of frog-memes coming their way, but it helps me stay focused. I ask myself: Why do some Jews put so much effort into combating the Alt-Right for cartoonish memes, while ignoring systematic, institutional threats? Why are we, as a community, afraid of any reasonable engagement with people like this:
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