Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Ceausescu moment. An American dictator’s controversial speech.By ADAM GARRIE

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Hillary Clinton has delivered a speech that may well go down in the annals of history as her Ceaușescu moment.
Whilst she got all of the terminology incorrect, Clinton’s attack on her most critical opponents singled the fact that what I have called the alternative-globalism has sent fear to the heart of the traditional neo-liberal/neo-con globalist establishment.
She called all media which refuses to read from the BBC/CNN script the ‘alt-right’. This is an odd choice of words for several reasons.
First of all alternative media is comprised of and watched by individuals with ideologies that can be described as both left and right. There is no rigid ideological exam one must pass in order to realise that mainstream media in the West twist information, tell untruths and act as cover for a failing and corrupt political elite.
Secondly, the old definitions of left and right are in shift. Neo-liberal globalism is as much of a source of continuation for those concerned about cultural erosion and the attack on nation states as it is for members of the global labour movement and those concerned with international human rights.
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