Saturday, August 6, 2016

Enough With the Truthers Already! - Taki's Magazine

In 2013, when I was “outed” for my Holocaust revisionist past, I understood that one of the unavoidable hassles of being forced to “rejoin” the revisionist fringe would be the flak I’d get for my pro-Israel views. Among revisionists, it’s rather taken for granted that if you say Auschwitz was not an extermination camp, you must, therefore, be pro-Palestinian. Personally, I never got the connection. I never saw the direct progression from “I don’t believe this building in Upper Silesia was a gas chamber” to “Time to devote my life to a bunch of Muslims who lost some land in a war they started.” I really don’t see why one must necessarily lead to the other. Sure, anti-Zionists will claim that without the Holocaust, there’d be no Israel. Which is not necessarily true. One can certainly argue that without Hitler serving an eviction notice on most of Europe’s Jews, there’d be no Israel. But if millions of Jews had not been murdered in the Holocaust, it would have made the postwar displaced-persons problem even worse. Israel would have still been established, but probably with an even larger Jewish population.
I foresaw the shade that would be thrown my way by anti-Zionists, and I was fine with it. But there was one thing I hadn’t foreseen after my outing: the truthers. The fucking 9/11 truthers. It’s been three years since my “change of life,” and still, not a week goes by without a social media message or email from a truther. Sometimes it’s a quizzical truther (“So whaddya think of 9/11, Cole? Huh? Huh?”). Sometimes it’s a proud truther (“Check out my newest post on”). But usually it’s an angry truther (“Damn you, Cole, why won’t you speak the truth about 9/11?”).
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