Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Crazy Things You Didn't Know About Seppuku

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Seppuku, also called harakiri, is ritualistic suicide by disembowelment, practiced mostly by samurai in feudal Japan. And that's about all most people know about it. Maybe it involved katanas? Maybe honor (or dishonor) inspired the act? Well, time to set the record straight, and reveal disturbing and fascinating insights into what seppuku was really about.

Seppuku isn't something you do on your own. Maybe you've seen movies or shows or comics in which a samurai, sitting in silence and solitude, stabs himself with a katana. That's wildly inaccurate.

In reality, stabbing yourself in the gut is just the first part of seppuku. You cut your abdomen to release your spirit from your body; after that, you're alive and in excruciating pain. Your assistant, a kaishakunin, decapitates you. Your kaishakunin should be someone you really trust, because there's nothing fun about a botched decapitation. 

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