Monday, August 8, 2016

Communist Revolution and Fascist Revenge - Spain’s Cautionary Tale. By Silas Reynolds

Communist Revolution and Fascist Revenge - Spain’s Cautionary Tale
The above picture is the "execution" of the Sacred Heart by a Republican (i.e., communist) firing squad and is an infamous example of "an assault on the public presence of Catholicism.” They are assuredly rotting in Hell, having been justly sent there by a Nationalist (fascist) executioner.
If you want to see the Left’s true colors, hand them a gun and remove law and order. The Left has always hated the honorable, had a penchant for the perverse and elevated the debased over the divine. The events leading up to the Spanish Civil War, the atrocities committed by the Reds (or los rojos) during and before the outbreak of hostilities and the natural and righteous fascist/nationalist revenge, should teach us what the Left detests and wants to destroy--and acts as a cautionary tale, for both sides.
The Left hates, and has across time (see Spain, Weimar Republic, 1917-Russia, etc.), God (or more specifically, Christianity), family, tradition and country. When reading about the Spanish Civil War it’s painfully clear that the Left’s intentions were to turn Spain into a Godless communist hellhole--as they are wont to do wherever and whenever leftism is allowed to fester. They’ve been corrupting the United States for generations and, what defines the rising anger at the cuckold “Right” establishment so essentially is their inability to fight the Left--much like the Spanish Carlists’ political surrendering to the communistic Popular Front during the immense failure that was Spain’s Second Republic. Like their historical predecessors, our present day submissive cucks want our country to slide into oblivion. It doesn’t take a genius to see what the Left intends to do to a country, they outlined it in the lead-up to the Spanish Civil War.
In 1931, Spanish elections led to the abdication of the king, the weak Alfonso XIII, and a massive victory for the Spanish “Republicans” (a coalition of the center-left, socialists, communists and anarchists – naturally, they dominated the election in urban zones). Unfortunately, it was a victory for the enemies of decency--with the communist Jew, (((Leon Trotsky))), describing the election as, “Really, everything is happening up to now in a strictly “foreseen” order. The slide to the Left has gone on with a particular regularity. Let us hope that our Spanish comrades will analyze the results of the elections very carefully…As was to be expected, the socialists won a great victory.” The Left uses any political victory as a “mandate” to implement their madness; regrettably, they would use their victory to submit Spain to barbarism and communism. Eventually, and fortuitously, Spain’s leftist filth would be “on the wrong side of history,” thanks to a necessary retaliation from Spanish fascists, right-wing monarchists and the Third Reich and Il Duce’s brave troops.
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