Thursday, August 11, 2016

America First - Steve Sailer

The Olympics tend to be the Island of Misfit Spectator Sports, showcasing competitions that got left by the wayside of popularity, such as volleyball and diving.
So every couple of years when the Olympics roll around, there is much grumbling about how outmoded they are. Yet large numbers of people always seem to end up watching the Olympics anyway and having a good time.
We are constantly lectured by globalist elites that we live in an age of cosmopolitanism in which it is wrong to root for our fellow citizens. How dare we Americans care more about Americans than we do about Eritreans? You’d have to be Hitler to feel that way.
Or, worse, Trump.
Extolling the “ultimate wisdom of a borderless world” has become a fad among establishment icons such as Bill Clinton and John Kerry.
For Americans to have their own country is a flagrant violation of the civil rights of foreigners to move here no questions asked.
And yet the Olympics are organized along nationalist lines, and that’s what makes them watchable.
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