Sunday, August 14, 2016

Alternative Right: THE DEATH OF THE DEATH OF THE WEST by Rémi Tremblay

The rise of Donald Trump is a good excuse to discover or rediscover one his most intelligent supporters, himself a former candidate for Republican leadership, Pat Buchanan. He has now become an unapologetic cheerleader of Donald Trump, defending with arguments and brains what Trump is yelling with a populist tone, thus giving an intellectual stature to the one the media portray as Donald Dumb.

It is always hard to pinpoint the best text to read and analyze when trying to understand someone who has written a dozen books and countless articles. The choice is subjective and might be misleading, but the New York Times bestseller The Death of the West sparked my interest. How could a book with such a Spenglerian title become so popular? And how could a book said to be that politically incorrect get such high rankings and recognition? I then decided that this would be the book I would read to better understand the American politician so often quoted by Guillaume Faye and other New Rightists.

The first impression while reading this book is that it was not written by a politician, but by a devout Catholic. Even though most references are about “Christians” and not specifically about “Catholics”, The Death of the West is a deeply Catholic work and could have very well been written by a pre-Vatican II priest. Indeed, while he often labels himself a “Conservative” – I will come back on that term later – he also calls himself a Traditionalist, a term that can be understood not in reference to Evola but to pre-Vatican II Catholicism. All of his doctrine is based on the social teachings of the popes. He encourages the implementation of the social church doctrine, which means the implementation of corporatism, exactly as in Fascist Italy. He does not mention corporatism openly, but he does mention the papal bulls that promote it as good examples of what should be done. Is Buchanan ignorant of the corporatist aspects of these bulls? Highly improbable! 

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