Thursday, August 11, 2016


Sorry for the minimum of posting lately, y’all, I’m working on my talk for this Thursday at Jack Ross’s book release at the National Press Club. It should be quite an evening, so be sure to make it if you’re in the DC area.
It’s April, which means on the 24th, this blog will have existed for one year. To date there have been 302 posts, and traffic, though it’s stalled recently, has been on the up and up. So please, dear reader, forgive the retrospection and stats.
I thought it would be a good idea to update the reading list of blogs and websites I read. I last did this in December 2013, and my reading habits have expanded and changed a great deal since then, so there are more than 40 links this time. Roughly speaking I get news in three ways; aggregator sites, social media, and blogs. Timely news I mostly get through the first two, and then the rest is heavily curated by ideology or personality. What strikes me about this kind of news diet is one doesn’t spend a whole lot of time on an individual site. I don’t, say, skim the top dozen papers every morning, which, if I’ve been paying attention to social media, mostly contain old information. Some aggregators I use frequently are Newsmap.jpMemeorandum, and theDrudge Report. Anyway, here’s the list, I welcome feedback and recommendations:
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